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Entertainment, Music Blog: Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never (feat ETML)
While sinking into the weekend, we're busy compiling our party playlist, and came across this incredible jam! Seems like Basement Jaxx hasn't ran out of juice, and isn't going anywhere soon. What do you think?
Entertainment, Music Blog, Shows: Jungle - Time
Watch the video for Jungle's latest release: 'Time'. Does this track usher the Spring vibes in? Tell us your thoughts on this funky jam!
In celebration, the Oppikoppi Family have put together this double CD with songs from artists who have performed at this iconic music festival over the last two decades.
After 5 years of silence, U2 have returned to the spotlight with this being the lead off single from the album "Songs Of Innocence." Thoughts about today's Kia Hot Hit?
Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea and Pitbull team up for the new track; 'Booty'. Hit or miss?
Enrique Iglesias definitely sounds better in his native tongue, don't you think? Check out the original video for the hit 'Bailando' over 300 million views can't be wrong... Right?