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Music Blog
In celebration, the Oppikoppi Family have put together this double CD with songs from artists who have performed at this iconic music festival over the last two decades.
After 5 years of silence, U2 have returned to the spotlight with this being the lead off single from the album "Songs Of Innocence." Thoughts about today's Kia Hot Hit?
Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea and Pitbull team up for the new track; 'Booty'. Hit or miss?
Enrique Iglesias definitely sounds better in his native tongue, don't you think? Check out the original video for the hit 'Bailando' over 300 million views can't be wrong... Right?
Written by local singer/songwriter Daniel Baron, will Candy Benson be able to charm her way onto the playlist with this dreamy tune?
Music Blog, Shows: Channing Tatum - The D*ck Graze
The oh so hunky Channing Tatum loves to poke fun and doesn't mind it, if it's at his own expense. Check out his latest track:
George Clooney's fiancée Amal Alamuddin's family are paying for their upcoming wedding in Venice, Italy, as they are very traditional.
Do not guess any of these songs for the Mengelmoes Mix because they are not correct...
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's marriage is allegedly on the rocks, and the Nickelback frontman has reportedly been telling people they are preparing to file for divorce.