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Somizi and Tumi Morake take on AKA, Britney Spears and more in 'Finish the Lyric'

Is there anything that popular television and radio host Somizi cannot do? 

image funny finish the lyric

When Somizi speaks or tweets, you just have to listen. You never know what he might say, but it's always highly entertaining. Being a choreographer, an Idols SA judge as well as a radio host, we knew we had to test his music knowledge. 

Tumi Morake put Somizi to the test in a round of 'Finish the Lyrics'. From Britney Spears, AKA to some Kurt Darren, Somizi's music knowledge was put to the test. 

So, how does the game work? Well, Tumi read a few of the lyrics to a particular song and Somizi had to finish the lyrics of the song by singing them.  

Even though Somizi tried his best, we couldn't stop laughing all the way! 

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