Blatant kidnapping attempt at Florida eatery – expert weighs in

Blatant kidnapping attempt at Florida eatery – expert weighs in

Forensic Psychologist Professor Gerhard Labuschagne joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to discuss the prevalence of kidnapping in South Africa.

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Police have confirmed the authenticity of a video on social media showing an attempted kidnapping in a Florida restaurant, west of Johannesburg. 

In the video, two women are seen sitting at a table with a young girl when a man grabs the girl by her neck. 

Bystanders immediately assist.

According to JacaNews, Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele has confirmed that the incident took place at a local pizza restaurant the evening of 10 September. 

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Professor Gerhard Labuschagne about why someone would kidnap someone, specifically a child. 

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"Statistics regarding kidnappings in South Africa aren't a true reflection of what is actually happening," Prof Labuschange says.

“It doesn’t seem like a well thought-out plan. Just before the incident takes place, something grabs the attention of the two women in the video. From the start, it seems like it wasn’t a very successful way of getting the child.

“It is something that we sometimes don’t want to hear about but it does happen. The definition of child trafficking is very broad.”

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Prof Labuschange shared five tips with Breakfast with Martin Bester on how to prevent a kidnapping:

1. Always remember that it can happen to you - be prepared.

2. Parents must prepare children - share details with them (numbers, addresses and names).

3. Teach people to look out for signs - never be alone. 

4. Remember details of the kidnappers - try and stay calm and focused. 

5. When you are kidnapped - try and scratch or take something from the kidnapper for DNA. 

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