Brave 64-year-old ‘ouma’ stops hijackers

Brave 64-year-old ‘ouma’ stops hijackers

Cobie Roux, 64, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Monday to tell the tale of bravery in a dangerous situation. 

Police crime scene photo
Source: Pixabay

"I was not scared at all. I only know I needed to help.”

Roux stopped a car hijacking in Hendrik Potgieter Drive in Roodepoort on Monday morning. 

Leon Botha was pulled off the road by the suspected hijackers around 11:30 in his white Mercedes-Benz.

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The morning of the incident Roux was on her way home when she drove past the scene. 

When Cobie stopped at the scene, she saw it was a hijacking. She then stopped diagonally in front of Botha's vehicle to prevent the hijackers from getting away with the vehicle. There was a group of people standing across the road watching, Roux remembers. 

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The situation then got worse! Roux told Martin Bester the full story. Listen to it here.

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