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'Gert en Joey': SA's darkest pedophilia mystery unpacked on Breakfast

It remains one of the darkest mysteries in South Africa's history; one that has still not been resolved almost three decades later.

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Pedophilia. Kidnapping. Murder? In South Africans' minds, these concepts became synonymous with the names of Gert van Rooyen and Joey Haarhoff. 

In the thirty years since the tragic disappearance of six young schoolgirls and the dramatic death of the country's most infamous couple, unanswered questions remain in the air. The macabre riddles they left did not die with them. 

This morning on Breakfast with Martin Bester, journalist Pieter van Zyl, author of the book ‘Gert en Joey’, explains more.

A listener called in to the Breakfast show with Martin Bester and explained her lived experience when she was young.

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