Good Morning Angels: 36-year-old dad of three gets a chance to fight cancer

Good Morning Angels: 36-year-old dad of three gets a chance to fight cancer

Steven Lavender gets a chance to fight cancer thanks to the Survivors Golf Day and all of its supporters. 

GMA 25 November 2020
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BACKGROUND: Gerhard van der Westhuizen, Rayno Strauss, and Paul Viljoen are three dads who have fought cancer and won. To celebrate their second chance at life and to see their children grow up, they decided seven years ago to hold an annual golf day, to raise funds for those cancer-fighters who are not as fortunate to be able to afford the best medical treatment. Their annual event has grown from strength to strength - despite COVID-19, and with the support of their network of friends and colleagues, The Survivors have been able to assist many people. 

This year, The Survivors will assist 36-year-old father-of-three, Steven Lavender from Polokwane. Steven went to have an eye test, when he started losing vision in his right eye. He was not prepared for the outcome of this check-up. He was sent for more tests that revealed a fast growing tumour between his right eye in his brain. He has lost most of his sight in the affected eye, but time is of the essence as the growth is blocking blood flow to the right side of his brain, which could cause permanent damage.  

A doctor in Pretoria has offered to do the delicate operation to remove the tumour for free, but the hospital costs still amount to a staggering R450,000, which the Lavender family do not have. They’ve been raising funds and have moved in with Steven’s parents to save living costs, but they have a long fundraising road ahead and not enough time.

REQUEST FOR: 36-year-old Steven Lavender from Polokwane 

REQUEST FROM: Various listeners including Amanda Olivier and Cornelle Lavender

ANGEL: Rayno Strauss and Paul Viljoen representing the Survivors Golf Day 

SPONSORING: The Survivors Golf Day and all their supporters will assist Steven with the funds needed for his operation to get rid of the life threatening tumour behind his eye. But, that is not all: The Survivors have also found a sponsored holiday house in Glentana near George for Steven, Kristine, and their three boys - with flights sponsored to George and back - to have a bit of a breather after their year of anguish and worry over what the future may hold. 

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