Good Morning Angels Follow-Up: Willem receives a special “thank you” with love from LottoStar

Good Morning Angels Follow-Up: Willem receives a special “thank you” with love from LottoStar

In his short life, Willem has been through much pain and loss and has never complained. Natasha describes him as her rock, with so much love and joy to give. 

GMA Lottostar 19 Aug

BACKGROUND: We met Natasha on Good Morning Angels two weeks ago, when she wanted to say thank you to The Haven Care in Benoni, for saving her and her son Willem from a life on the streets three years ago. Natasha and Willem fled their home in Durban because as she told us, she could not stay in her abusive relationship any longer. “We slept under a bush in a veld” and that’s where Johan and Enillcre Liddle, from The Haven Care Centre in Benoni, found them. 

Natasha was thinking of a way to thank them and that’s when her 17-year old son, Willem, suggested that she writes to Good Morning Angels, who donated R20,000 to the Haven.

This morning, Good Morning Angels and LottoStar will make a dream or two come true for Willem, who only wants to go back to school and learn and also play soccer. Natasha says Willem needs new school clothes, stationery, and other essentials for school, which she cannot afford. And there is no money for soccer either. 

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REQUEST FOR: 17-year-old Willem from Benoni 

ANGEL: The LottoStar with Love fund

SPONSORING: Willem will go back to school on 24 August and he is very excited! LottoStar will assist him and Natasha with his new school uniform and other essentials to the value of R5,000. We have also already made arrangements with the Euro Soccer Schools Academy to sign Willem up for training and all the soccer kit he would need within the lockdown rules. Those costs, to the value of R5,000 will also be covered by LottoStar, with love.

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