LISTEN: Ds. Janine Truter challenges stereotypical views of what a 'dominee' should look like

LISTEN: Ds. Janine Truter challenges stereotypical views of what a 'dominee' should look like

When one thinks of a typical pastor - Janine Truter would not be what comes to mind.

janine truter
Janine Truter / Instagram.

People started noticing Janine Truter for her inviting smile and beauty. What many might be surprised to find out is that she has studied Theology for six years and graduated with distinction.

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Currently a reverend at Die Kerk at Menlyn Maine, Truter is also a model and the author of the book, Sprankel. The former Mej. Hartenbos aims to find the perfect balance between her work in ministry and modeling. Truter shared with The Breakfast with Martin Bester team that there are still many challenges that come with being a female reverend.

"People still have a very rigid idea about what a reverend should look like, and how they should dress. I do it things with a very fresh approach, and I am very thankful that I get to do things in this new way," she said.

Truter believes that people are open for transformation, but they first need to get to know you and then trust you for change to happen.

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Being a woman in ministry

"Of course there are obstacles. But if you are not challenged, you will never grow. Churches need to really start thinking differently about how they are going to reach people. We need to become way more relevant," Truter told Martin.

She has become accustomed to the idea that certain people would find an issue with her being a female reverend, but that will never discourage her. In many churches, you would still find one 'oom' who refuses to come to church just because a female reverend is giving the sermon.

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