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Martin Bester meets the one and only Warren from Eersterust

Warren from Eersterust has been entertaining us every morning with his love for the Breakfast team, his witty comments, his opinion on everything under the sun.

Warren from Eersterust Breakfast
Breakfast with Martin Bester

With all the name changes happening around South Africa Martin Bester wanted to do a few name changes of his own such as renaming the Jacaranda FM carpark after the most loyal listener and Warren from Eersterust unanimously won!

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This morning Warren joined Martin Bester, Liesl Laurie and Elma Smit in studio. In true Warren style, Warren gave nicknames to the team. He called Martin Bester “Matams”, Liesl Laurie “Lie-Lie girl" and admitted that “Elmakapelma” is the perfect fit for Elma Smit.

He confessed after a round of questions from Liesl Laurie that she is indeed his favourite.

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Warren proudly visited his soon-to-be-named parking lot.

Warren from Eersterust Breakfast 2
Breakfast with Martin Bester

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