Martin Bester reveals his biggest phobia

Martin Bester reveals his biggest phobia

Do you have a fear of a situation, living creature or place? You‘re not alone!

Fear Breakfast

We have all tried to create a comfortable life, free of our phobias, but sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are faced with them head on. What do you do next? Scream? Hopefully not!

Martin Bester recently traveled to the Karoo for his December break and woke up to a big scary bat. It is, after all, the only mammal that can fly! The animal is, however, not Martin Bester's fear. A red roman spider is!

Red roman spider
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Phobias are common and affect many people each year. Martin Bester revealed that there is a fear most people have... Thalassophobia. It is an intense persistent fear of the sea.

Do you have a fear of something? Let Martin Bester know in the comments section below and you might just get the opportunity to relay it live on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

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