New roommate’s creepy secret plastered across her walls

New roommate’s creepy secret plastered across her walls

Everybody has secrets, but some people’s secrets are far too creepy!

Weird roommate

We will know of someone who would pull out the magazine centrefold of their favourite musicians and actors and plaster it all over their walls – in fact, that person could even be you.

However, what one doesn’t expect is a wall-to-wall covering of images of serial killers. 

That’s exactly what a university student had to deal with when her new roommate moved in.

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The unnamed student explained the peculiar story in a letter to Slate's agony aunt, saying she had initially thought they were photos of indie rock stars. 

"Then my friend came to our dorm and told me the dudes in her pictures were serial killers: Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein."

Martin Bester shared a shocking story of what happened to his dorm room.

"I freaked out and asked Leanne to take them down, but she refuses. She won’t explain why she put the pictures up, which also freaks me out."

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What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever discovered about your roommate? Let Martin Bester know in the comments section below.

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