Parents make daughter’s Covid-19 experience bearable

Parents make daughter’s Covid-19 experience bearable

Leila Amien has decided to show the lighter side of contracting and battling Covid-19.

Self Isolation Scabble

Leila Amien recently tested positive for Covid-19.  

She wanted to document the light-hearted part of her coronavirus experience to lessen the fear for others.

Amien lives at home with her parents and they have done everything they can to make their daughter feel better. 

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Amien admits: "It’s not a laughing matter at all but my parents were absolutely hilarious while coping with my diagnosis and if any piece of hope and laughter comes from my experience I’d like to share that with you guys."

In her Facebook post about her thoughtful parents, she says: "It’s true when people say that we may be losing our logic and common sense because of COVID-19 and I can confirm this because my dad video called me from across the house WEARING A VISOR."

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It is guaranteed to brighten up your day. 


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