Police van crashes into two people during lockdown

Police van crashes into two people during lockdown

One would think there would be less accidents during lockdown, but an unfortunate incident happened in Bloemfontein. 

Police van in Bloemfontein

The Health ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday night that there has been an increase in testing for the coronavirus by 5,678, with 63,776 South Africans having been tested for COVID-19 in total.

South Africans are allowed to leave the house to purchase essential goods during the lockdown period.

However, two people did not return home and were rushed to hospital after being injured by a police van.

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Police confirmed the authenticity of the video after it came to light on Wednesday. 

According to TimesLIVE, spokesperson Brig Sam Makhele said officers received information of the accident at Bayswater shopping centre at about 3 pm on Tuesday.

The two people are stable in hospital.

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