What is 'sharenting'? Rachel Kolisi takes a step back on social media

What is 'sharenting'? Rachel Kolisi takes a step back on social media

Rachel Kolisi has revealed why she stopped sharing pics of her children’s faces.

rachel kolisi and siya instagram
Rachel Kolisi and husband Siya Kolisi / Instagram

The mom, who is married to Springbok captain Siya Kolsi, has always given her Instagram followers a glimpse into her life - but made a few changes this year. 

Rachel Kolisi decided that she would share fewer pictures of her family going forward. 

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The oversharing of your children has a name - 'sharenting'.

'Sharenting' is the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children, such as baby pictures or details of their children's activities. It is related to the concept of "too much information". 

Kolisi also said that she decided to add a disclaimer to her bio, warning people not to re-post her pictures and videos, but the best way to combat this was by sharing less.

“We didn’t have privacy any more so I decided to just stop posting them,” Rachel told All4Women. 

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