X marks the spot: What your writing says about your personality

X marks the spot: What your writing says about your personality

What is the correct way to draw the letter X and what does it say about your personality? 

An X
We learn to write in Grade 1, but over time we change the way we do things according to our personality. 

Handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight has revealed what the way in which you write the letter X says about you. 

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Have you drawn the letter X before reading further? 

X marks the spot

1. If you draw your X with two reverse strokes, you are stuck in the past. When you want to move forward, you seem to find it difficult. 

2. If the lines move from the bottom left then bottom right, according to McKnight, you want to escape from the past.

3. Have you always been a rebel at heart? If you use reverse strokes, starting from the top right, you prefer to stand out and do not want to conform. 

4. If your stroke is from the top right to the bottom left, it means you are focusing on the future. 

5. You like to live by your own rules.

6. You like to be a trendsetter and you are loving that characteristic about yourself. 

7. This is the norm and according to McKnight, the right and balanced way to do it. Do you like order? 

8. Very similar to number 7, but it means you are a creative being and you like to do things differently in life. 

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 How do you draw your X? Find out how Martin Bester, Liesl Laurie, and Elma Smit draw their X's here. 

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