Ending Period Poverty for schoolgirls across South Africa

Ending Period Poverty for schoolgirls across South Africa

It’s all about Girl Power and the Dads who love them! Good Morning Angels and SPAR Women’s Challenge Tshwane managed to raise R220,000 to put vending machines stocked with sanitary towels in schools across South Africa. 

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To mark Youth Day and Father's Day on 16 June 2024, Good Morning Angels is supporting the MENstruation Foundation in their quest to end Period Poverty.

Although some effort has been made to highlight the plight of especially schoolgirls and students to choose between dignity and education for a week every month, the fact remains that 3 out of 10 schoolgirls in South Africa still miss a week of school every month because they cannot afford sanitary products.

Some amazing Dads came up with a plan to address this in the form of Sanitary Towel Vending Machines. The machines are stocked with high-quality, locally-made sanitary towels, that are dispensed with the use of a token.

To date, 128 of these machines have been installed at schools. A teacher has a list of girls who can collect their tokens every month. The token is used in the machine in the bathroom of the school - and that’s it.

Please support us in making this a reality in as many schools as possible. You would want this for your own daughter.

We would like to raise enough to fund at least 10 new vending machines with sanitary towels to help 200 girls in school for a year.

Click here to donate (there is a QR code and a click-through to the MENstruation donate page).

For more info, visit: https://menstruation.foundation/

These are the donation options: 

R120 - To sponsor a girl for a year

R1,200 - To sponsor 10 girls for a year

R50,000 - To sponsor a new vending machine, plus a year’s supply of sanitary towels for 200 girls! (Corporates can brand their vending machine. After the first year, the annual sanitary towel supply and maintenance cost is R34,000 per year.)

REQUEST FOR: Marius Basson, Dad, Co-Founder and Director of the MENStruation Foundation            

ANGEL: Retha Ingenbleek / Warrior Rick: Representing the Spar Women's Challange Tshwane 

SPONSORING:  The Spar Women’s Challenge Tshwane supports the MENstruation Foundation from this year’s entries to the race at SuperSport Park on Saturday, 3 August. To get the ball rolling, Spar will donate R50,000 to the MENstruation Foundation to sponsor a new vending machine at a school with a year's supply of sanitary towels for 200 girls!

DONATION: Charl Swart, Dry Ice International, donating R10,000.

DONATION: Wynand van Vuuren, King Price, donating R10,000.

DONATION:  Masslift Africa, leading provider of Mitsubishi and other forklifts in Southern Africa. No stranger to Good Morning Angels, they have donated R50,000, sponsoring a school with a new vending machine, stocked with a year’s supply of sanitary towels for 200 girls.

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING:  The Good Morning Angels Fund will donate R50,000 to the MENstruation Foundation, to sponsor a new vending machine at a school, with a year’s supply of sanitary towels for 200 girls!

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