Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Harmonie-Oord Old Age Home

Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Harmonie-Oord Old Age Home

Harmonie-Oord Old Age Home in Pretoria provides a safe haven for senior citizens in need of care. 

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Harmonie-Oord Old Age Home in Sunnyside, Pretoria provides a safe, self-catering and self-sustained refuge to some 190 senior citizens, who can only afford to pay the minimum from their SASSA pension for a place to stay. 

Residents in this 7-storey building often only have their old age pension and are reliant on state medical and other care. The home provides a cooked breakfast, but can only do this from donations as residents cannot afford to pay extra for meals. During the lockdown, some residents have visited family, but 170 residents did not have a family to go to and remain in the home. 

Harmonie-Oord sent out a mail requesting donations of bread to supplement the cooked porridge they serve to the residents for breakfast. Any food they receive is used to supply other meals to the residents and now also to staff, who have to live in and cannot travel home and back.

Marié Pienaar, Harmonie-Oord Manager (Call: 082-577-3161 email: [email protected])


Read more:  https://www.harmoniepark.co.za


You can donate: Banking Details


Name: Harmonie Oord

Bank: ABSA

Account: 406 936 3190

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