Boity Thulo: “Leave my weight gain alone”

Boity Thulo: “Leave my weight gain alone”

The star was responding to Tweeps who were shamming her body and mocking her for having cellulite. 

Boity/ Instagram

Body shamming - the act of deriding or mocking a person's physical appearance, has come into the spotlight again. 

Boity Thulo has become the latest celebrity to be a victim of body shamming.

Twitter user, King Flame Khethu, commented on images that were shared of Boity’s birthday celebration where the star’s cellulite was showing.

The Twitter user wrote that Boity must go to the gym and criticised her for having cellulite.

 “She must hit the gym, her cellulitis” followed by a trash bin and a broken heart emoji.

The Tweep faced a lot of backlash from other Twitter users.

Boity responded and asked that people leave her weight gain alone.

"Bathong lona? Leave my weight gain alone. It happens," she Tweeted. 

She added that she is happy as long as she is making money.

“As long as I’m happy and making that paper, Akere bo lovey,” she wrote.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Boity

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