Expert shares a sleeping hack for kids with separation anxiety

Expert shares a sleeping hack for kids with separation anxiety

An infant sleeping expert gives advice on ways to help children with separation anxiety to sleep. 

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Michelle is a mom of two and an infant sleep consultant. She uses her TikTok account as a platform to share information with parents who need help putting their babies to sleep.

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She recently posted a video sharing advice on how to help your child be at ease and confident about sleeping in their own bed. The video demonstrates how she cuts out hearts in different shades of pink that she uses to give to her kids before bedtime.

She explains that "when you say goodnight, give your toddler one of these hearts. Once they are asleep, sneak into their room and place the rest of the hearts in there."

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To complete the hack, your child will wake up in the morning to find the hearts placed all over and assume that is the number of times you had come in to check on them.

Watch the video below:

@goodnight.charley Toddler sleep comes with a whole new set of challenges than baby sleep, and while separation anxiety has some peaks with babies as well, it hits different with toddlers because of increased imagination and the overall realization of how fun it is to be awake. It’s not uncommon at many toddler ages to experience this, but particularly age 3 we see a peak in separation anxiety. I have many families come to me saying their child is requesting they stay with them until they fall asleep, have more nightmares, want cuddles in the night, and much more! Now, there is nothing wrong with cuddling your child, laying with them, and helping them feel safe. I do this with Charley often. BUT why not try other tools to help them feel safe and secure. Especially, if this goes on long term and you want to find some ways to get your sleep back! #babysleep #toddlersleep #momlife #momtok #selfsoothing #sleeptraining #sleepconsulting ♬ Love You Still (abcdefu romantic version) (v1) - Tyler Shaw

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