Here is how to check if a college is accredited

Here is how to check if a college is accredited

Don’t become a victim and find yourself with a bogus qualification. Here is how you can check if a college is the real deal.

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Are you fresh out of school and looking for a higher institution of learning where you can further your studies?

Unless you are going to study at a public institution, it is important to check the accreditation of a private institution of higher learning before enrolling to study. 

Although there are thousands of colleges in South Africa, not all of them are registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. 

Attending a college that is not registered with the Department of Education will result in you having a bogus qualification. 

Not only that, but you would have wasted a lot of money and time which could have been used to get a proper qualification. The other sad part is you will not be able to secure a job with a bogus qualification.

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So, how do you check if a college is registered?

According to The Independent Institute of Education (IIE), ‘to legally offer higher education qualifications in South Africa you need to be registered with the Department and your qualifications need to be accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee and registered on the NQF.'

The IIE reports that South Africa only has one quality assurance, accreditation, and registration system that applies equally to all higher education institutions – private and public. 

To show that an institution of higher learning is registered, it is supposed to have a registration certificate. Students and parents are permitted to ask for this certificate and to verify with the DHET. The certificate must include the following information: Name of the institution, the site, the programmes it offers, and the registration period of the institution.

It must also show that it is accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee of the Council on the Higher Education. 

According to the IIE website, ‘the HEQC is the body established by law to accredit (quality assure and approve) all higher education qualifications.’

The qualifications the institution offer must be registered on the NQF by SAQA. 

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Another way to check if an institution is registered is to ask for the SAQA NQF identity numbers before enrolling at the institution.  

The DHET also has a toll-free number which the public can call to check if an institution is registered. The number is 0800 87 2222. 

You can also call the Central Application Clearing House on 0800 356 635. 

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