The married guy’s guide to a great relationship

The married guy’s guide to a great relationship

Want to improve the intimacy in your marriage? Sex therapist Dr Penner and his wife share secrets to sexual satisfaction in marriage in their book, ‘The married guy’s guide to great sex’.

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Sex plays a huge role in marriage. Not being sexually satisfied can lead to frustration, divorce, and sometimes even an affair.

The authors of ‘The married guy’s guide to great sex’ say that great sex doesn’t just happen.

“When you falsely believe that sex happens to you rather than that you have sex happen, you’ll tend to let sex within marriage slide into the doldrums,” an excerpt from the book reads.

Dr Clifford and Joyce Penner draw on their years of clinical experience to share what it takes to have a good sex life as a couple.

Some of the tips they offer for a vibrant and fulfilling intimacy in marriage include:

- Be willing to keep sexual love alive in a marriage.

- Schedule time to reconnect.

- Plan for sexual activities and ask each other questions as a guide of what great sex would be for you.

- Kiss passionately and often. Also, talk about how you like to be kissed.

- Have quickies. This can be five to seven minutes and should be viewed as a “snack”, until you have time for a more fulfilling “nutritious delight”.

- Have regular satisfying sex at least once a week.

- Take turns choosing your favourite sexual activity from a list which you draw up as a couple.

- Take a full day or weekend to fully appreciate each other.

- Ensure that both partners know their sexual needs are heard and respected.

- Try different types of touch on various areas of your partner’s body.

- Find a new setting for an erotic adventure with your wife.

- Entice your spouse.

- Commit time and energy.

- Try out different sexual activities.

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