Report: Doctors find 233 foreign objects in man’s stomach

Report: Doctors find 233 foreign objects in man’s stomach

It doesn't get weirder than this...

Objects in man's stomach
Objects in man's stomach /YouTube screenshot

A 35-year-old man was found to have over 200 weird objects in his stomach. 

According to a weekend report by Metro, the man was taken to hospital by his brother after he complained about abdominal pains. 

Doctors performed an endoscopy with ultrasound and X-ray scans, where they discovered hundreds of weird objects. 

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The man's stomach had coins, batteries, magnets, nails, pieces of glass, stones, and screws inside. How bizarre! 

"During the surgery, we saw that one or two of the nails had passed through the stomach wall. We saw that there were two metal pieces and two stones of different sizes in the large intestine. We found that there were batteries, magnets, nails, coins, pieces of glass and screws," Dr Binici was quoted as saying in the publication. 

The good news is that the doctors say they cleaned the man's stomach completely.

"It is not a situation we see in adults, it is mostly in childhood and unconsciously swallowed foreign bodies. It can be seen in psychiatric patients, prisoners or abuse cases in the adult age group," the Dr. reportedly said. 

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Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot. 

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