Easy pork trotters recipe

Easy pork trotters recipe

Learn how to cook delicious pork trotters that will leave everyone satisfied. 

pork trotters
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Pork trotters, the culinary term for the foot of a pig, are a hit, especially in countries such as South Africa and Asia. 

They are delicious and especially enjoyed with samp, potato salad, maize-meal or salad. 

Although they take a long time to cook, they are easy to cook and worth the wait. 

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Pork trotters:


Stock cubes



- Add your trotters to a pot and pour enough water to cover your trotters. 

- Cook for an hour, adding water when necessary. 

- Add your stock cubes and salt. 

- Allow to simmer on low to medium heat until soft. 

- Serve and enjoy!

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