Sia's Christmas album is amazing!

Sia's Christmas album is amazing!

"Puppies are forever, not just for Christmas," Sia sings on one of her new festive season songs.

Sia Christmas album

Sia's new album, 'Everyday Is Christmas', has been a major hit for the star, and its lead single, 'Santa's Coming For Us',  is currently the number one song on the Adult Contemporary chart in America.

The Australian singer released the track's star-studded video three weeks ago.

But it's not the only song on Sia's first ever Christmas album that is causing a buzz.

She has also released animated music videos for 'Ho Ho Ho', 'Candy Cane Lane', and 'Underneath the Mistletoe'. 

All of the songs off her 10-track album have audio versions on Sia's YouTube VEVO page.

Here's a look at some of our favourite tracks from her Christmas album, which was released on November 17.

Puppies Are Forever 

Adorable puppies are a popular gifts during the festive season, but as Sia sings, "puppies are forever, not just for Christmas". Once the little pups grows older, some families end up giving them away because their cute puppies and now "not-so-cute" dogs that require a lot of hard work. Sia teamed up with American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to encourage families to adopt this holiday, and to give their new pets love and care whether they are a puppy or a fully grown dog. 

Candy Cane Lane

"Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane with me," Sia sings on this upbeat Christmas song. It will definitely get you in a festive mood. 

Ho Ho Ho 

This song is for all the misfits this festive season. Sia sings on the song: 

Ho ho ho, bring a friend if you please
Ho ho ho, Santa's hoping to meet
Ho ho ho, all the misfits and us
Hope the misfits show up, ho ho ho


If you are feeling a little down this festive season, and need a little sunshine in your life, then this is the song for you. "I'll bring you sunshine," Sia promises on this track, and she does just that!

My sweet, I know that you feel weak
My sweet, I swear you got this beat
And my love, I know that it's been tough
My love, I know you've had it rough

Tell me your secrets tonight
I'll take 'em with me, and I'll get the elves workin' on them
In the workshop
We'll take your problems apart, put 'em back using our hearts
Got the elves working so hard
Make your pain stop

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