All grade 1, 8s have been placed: Lesufi

All grade 1, 8s have been placed: Lesufi

Gauteng Department of Education says all Grade 1 and 8 pupils have been placed in prospective schools.

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Neo Motloung

Lesufi advised parents who feel their children were not placed at their preferred schools to fill the objection form.


"But we want to put proper context to this request, remember education is a right so if someone has made an application and the school is full, the department is obligated to give an alternative."


Lesufi said about 27 000 parents did not submit necessary documents and were removed from the waiting list.


They will be as assisted as soon as they submit necessary documents.


However, the MEC says only about 1000 spaces are available across the province.


Lesufi says his department is receiving inquiries of in-grade placements for grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,10,11.


"In terms of inner grades, you go to schools, and the majority of schools are rejecting parents purely because they are full. And because we don't have that information as the department, it is very difficult to share with you how many leaners want space between 2 and 12 that have not received because our online registration is confined to grade 1 and 8.”



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