Avoiding Day Zero: Depoliticise water

Avoiding Day Zero: Depoliticise water

Politicisation of the water crises is leading to municipal taps running dry not only in Cape Town but across the country.

National Press Club
Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile

Water experts and big business say if politicians stop interfering the management of water, the country will be able to redress the current issue that is faced in the Western Cape. 

The National Press Club held a media briefing in Pretoria on Wednesday to give practical solutions to the crises.

The CEO of JSE listed company Accentuate LTD, Fred Platt, says the crises is too serious to be left to politicians alone to solve. 

"At the end of the day, civil society gets involved in politics but something as fundamental as water I have not seen the activism I believe there should be," says Platt. 

Platt says it is time to take action not point fingers.

"Rather a time to call for action and get everyone in a room and say listen, this is like going to war. Cape Town is the face of South Africa to the world whether we in Gauteng like it or not," adds Platt.

Strong decisions need to be taken at the highest level of government, Platt told journalists. 

Platt says the country was warned about Cape Town running out of water since 1990. 

Scientist and water Management expert Professor Anthony Turton says the Gauteng Province is water insecure and will continue to be insecure until the year 2020 unless the following steps are taken. 

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