Breakfast Edition: 16 November 2015

Breakfast Edition: 16 November 2015

WATCH & LISTEN: Here's a recap of this morning's top news stories.

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INTERNATIONAL MANHUNT FOR PARIS ATTACKER: Belgium has issued an international arrest warrant for a man suspected of having taken part in the Paris attacks with two of his brothers, a judicial source said Sunday. Sources close to the investigation say they believe that the three brothers were involved in Friday's attacks that claimed at least 129 lives. One of the brothers is on the run, one is in custody in Belgium -- though it is unclear whether he took part in the rampage -- while the third blew himself up outside a cafe on the bustling Boulevard Voltaire, sources said. French police released a photo of the suspect they were looking for in connection with the attacks, naming him as 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam and describing him as a "dangerous individual".

SA WOMAN TELLS OF HORROR DURING ATTACKS: There is still no indication of any South Africans injured in the Paris attacks. Meanwhile, a 22-year-old Capetonian, Isobel Bowdery took to Facebook to tell how she was in the packed concert hall, when attackers slaughtered 89 people around her. Pieter van der Merwe has more.

you never think it will happen to you. It was just a friday night at a rock show. the atmosphere was so happy and...

Posted by Isobel Bowdery on Sunday, 15 November 2015

PRESIDENT ZUMA CONDEMNS PARIS ATTACKS: President Jacob Zuma has meanwhile condemned the attacks in his address at the G20 summit in Turkey. He also warned that this should not cause Europe to close its borders to refugees.

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SHOWS BEING CANCELLED AFTER PARIS ATTACKS: Hollywood stand in solidarity with France with A-listers that have tweeted about the terror attacks. Various concerts in Paris have also been cancelled with rockers, Motorhead, the group, U2 as well as Marilyn Manson pulling out of performances scheduled in Paris. Meanwhile super-star Madonna got emotional during a performance in Stockholm where she asked to crown to observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris-attacks.

SA ECONOMY UNDER PREASSURE: The rand has hit a new record low of R14.39 against the dollar this morning. This as emerging markets and Asian stocks bear the brunt of the Paris attacks. The Nikkei fell by 1.3% to a six-week low this morning, as investors sought the safety of the US dollar. Here's economist, Francois Stoffberg.



COOLER WEATHER EXPECTED: The City of Ekhuruleni has now also imposed water restrictions, banning all use of hose pipes and irrigation until further notice. Some stiff fines have also been imposed: households ignoring the ban could be fined by up to R6000 and businesses by R12 000. Meanwhile as the heat subsides over the eastern parts of the country warnings of severe rain and hail have being issued. Here's Weather SA's forecaster, Bransby Bulo.

15/11/2015⚠️ Weather Alert: The SA Weather Service has issued a watch for severe T-storms in #Gauteng on Monday. Large...

Posted by Intelligence Bureau SA on Sunday, 15 November 2015

JACKASS STAR DIES: Vincent Margera, the uncle of Bam Margera and whose quirky personality was a key part of the "Jackass" prankster TV franchise, died Sunday aged 59, US media said. Margera had kidney and liver problems for years and fell into a coma last month, relatives told the TMZ celebrity website, which broke the news of his death. His death comes after co-star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car crash in 2011. Margera, along with his better-known nephew, appeared on the "Jackass" do-not-try-this-at-home television show and then the movies of the same name, as well as the MTV series "Viva La Bam."

Vincent Margera

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