Dead baby allegations unfounded - Charlotte Maxeke

Dead baby allegations unfounded - Charlotte Maxeke

The Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Soweto has refuted claims that dead babies are regularly found in the building’s laundry rooms.

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It was reacting to claims by the Democratic Alliance's (DA) Jack Bloom, who said on Thursday that amputated limbs and foetuses were often found in the hospital’s linen.

"Workers at the laundry have complained for a long time about the stress of finding fetuses and body parts in the linen which is taken from wards and sent down a chute to the laundry,” Bloom said.

However, the hospitals' spokesperson Lungiswa Mvumvu says the allegations are unfounded.

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"In response to allegations that dead babies, limbs and foetuses have been found at the laundry room at Charlotte Maxeke I wish to indicate these are unfounded allegations. I must indicate that the last incident we heard of foetus was discovered in 2017 and we have never received any reports of limbs or foetuses discovered at the linen room."

Bloom indicated that he wrote to the CEO Gladys Bogoshi but failed to receive a response.

Mvumvu says she is unaware of any request by Bloom.

"I had a meeting with the CEO a few minutes ago and there was no indication of having a meeting with Jack Bloom. I believe that the right procedure to follow would be to send an email. However, as pointed out I'm not aware of any arranged meeting with the CEO."

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