Grossly unfair’ – Slain top cop Charl Kinnear’s widow pleads for answers at Parliament

Grossly unfair’ – Slain top cop Charl Kinnear’s widow pleads for answers at Parliament

The widow of slain Cape Town detective Charl Kinnear has told Parliament’s police committee that the police must explain why it ignored the warning signs ahead of her husband's assassination.

Mrs Kinnear
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Kinnear wants the committee to help her gather information on the death of her husband.


Kinnear, who was an organised crime detective, was gunned down outside his home in September last year.


The only person who has been arrested in connection with the murder is unregistered private investigator Zane Killian. 


Nicolette Kinnear asked the committee to launch a probe into the failure to place her husband in state protection.

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"My husband was away for investigation in early September when it became known that his phone was hacked. It also became clear reports were documented and drafted informing certain brass officials of what is happening.


"Between the third and the 18th nothing was done to ensure that safety precautions be in place. My question here is; was it a matter of complacency or was the warning signs blatantly ignored?" Kinnear wanted to know from MPs. 


An emotional Kinnear said she was robbed of a normal family life long before her husband’s death.


She says it was “grossly unfair” that their children had to adjust their lifestyle due to their father’s work.


"It's very easy for people to think that I'm this bitter widow gunning for SAPS, but the reality is my husband loved this organisation.


"In going to places with separate vehicles. In having a dad stand at a fence to watch his child play because we don't want to have a connection.


"So I have the questions that why does it seem that this (keeping another person alive) is reserved for certain people, certain members only?"

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