KZN cops to test a million straws

KZN cops to test a million straws

More than a million straws will be tested for heroin by police forensic laboratories before a trial against 19 men can proceed, the Pinetown Magistrate's Court heard on Thursday.

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Prosecutor Khumbu Shazi, who was seeking an adjournment in the matter, said that unlike heroin powder from which a sample could be taken and analysed, each of the 1,070,000 sealed straws would need to be opened and the contents analysed.


The straws were part of a drug haul police seized from a house in Durban's upmarket western suburb of Gillits when they arrested the men on November 28.


At the time of the arrests, Lt-Gen Solomon Makgale said the street value of the assumed heroin straws, Mandrax tablets, and heroin powder was estimated at R41 million.


The matter was postponed to May 8.



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