Mantashe: Reselling of self-generated electricity will be regulated

Mantashe: Reselling of self-generated electricity will be regulated

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Gwede Mantashe has warned that the reselling of surplus, self-generated electricity will not be a “free-for-all”.

Gwede Mantashe
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The government is currently in the process of gazetting a revised Electricity Regulation Act that will allow self-generation of electricity.


Mantashe addressed the media at the annual mining indaba in Cape Town on Monday on the potentials of self-generated electricity amid the country’s ongoing electricity woes.

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At the same time the minister warned that largescale self-generation will be regulated by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa).


"There are many people who are just urging that we should allow a free for all in the economy and it cannot be done.


He adds that reselling of electricity will also require a license, including compliance with all regulatory conditions.  


"Whether we need to register or licence, it is determinant on size, the bigger you want self-generation you'll have to be licensed but more important if you are likely to sell your surplus to somebody else then you must have license because the system must know who you are."  

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