Massive Durban waves cause devastation for business owners

Massive Durban waves cause devastation for business owners

Businesses along the Durban beachfront are counting the costs of the damage after massive waves crashed over the promenade yesterday afternoon - flooding shops and restaurants along the popular stretch.

Durban Massive Waves
Yaseen Amod

Footage of the waves washing over the North Beach promenade have been circulated on social media. 

It's believed that the harsh weather is a result of Cyclone Enawo - a tropical storm that landed in Madagascar last week, causing devastation there. 

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As a precaution to swimmers, the massive swells has caused the closure of the beach. 

Yaseen Amod who is one of the directors at Mochachos, a business along the coastline, says floodwaters surged into the restaurant - sending panicked staff and customers scrambling for safety.

"It has been very, very devastating for us. We don't have a shop front at the moment. All our equipment is submerged in water. Basically, you have to go back and replan and start from the beginning. Our estimated costs are worth R2.5-million damage at the moment. There's nothing that can be used," he said. 

He says it was terrifying when the water first started to enter the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

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