Mchunu: Govt aware of essential workers’ anxiety

Mchunu: Govt aware of essential workers’ anxiety

Public service and administration minister Senzo Mchunu has moved to allay the fears of the workers who will be expected to continue working while the rest of the country lays low for three weeks.

Senzo Mchunu Public Services and Administration

Speaking in Pretoria on Wednesday, Mchunu, along with various other ministers, gave details on how the various departments will respond to the lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.


During the 21-day lockdown all shops will be closed except for pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, petrol stations and healthcare providers.


Mchunu says he is aware of the anxiety some essential workers have about being on the clock during the lockdown.


"We need to take this opportunity and say to public servants that we are quite aware of their own anxiety and the general feeling and emotions that they are going through while required to render these essential services," Mchunu says.

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"We should be able to work through all of these matters."


Mchunu says the department is working with labour unions to ensure that there is fairness during these trying times, adding that the department doesn't take for granted the sacrifice.


"We are also cautious and conscious that there may be arguments and debates about us on something that would border on arguments of treating staff unfairly in the sense that there are those who are going to remain at work and those who will be required to work from home.


"In this regard we have made sure that we work with unions and we will continue to do so."

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