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Paramedics deliver baby in taxi

Paramedics assisted with the birth of a baby in a minibus taxi on the M13 next to the St Johns bridge on-ramp in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal.

Paramedics deliver baby in taxi 1
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Netcare 911 spokesperson Nick Dollman says a pregnant 31-year-old woman went into labour unexpectedly whilst commuting in the minibus taxi.


"The driver was made aware of the situation and he pulled over to the middle island. RTI traffic officers who were stationed nearby went to investigate and were told of the situation," says Dollman.


Dollman says RTI traffic officers knew Netcare 911 paramedics were stationed nearby and rushed to their location for help.


"There was no time to move the mom to the ambulance and the minibus taxi was emptied to create space and privacy," says Dollman.

Paramedics deliver baby in taxi 2
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Dollman says the baby is premature.


"Both patients were in a stable condition and were transported to hospital for further medical care."

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