Police investigating mysterious Tembisa murders
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Police investigating mysterious Tembisa murders

Mystery surrounds the circumstances behind the deaths of three people in Tembisa on Wednesday afternoon.

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It is alleged that three men were shot and killed outside a shop on Second October Street.

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubele says police still do not know the motive of the shooting, nor do the have any suspects. 

"At the moment the motive is unknown and we are investigating the circumstances," he adds.

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Meanwhile ER24 reports that the two bodies of two men were found lying in the taxi while the third  body was found a few meters away. 

"Paramedics assessed the patients and found that they had sustained numerous gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them and they were declared dead," says ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring. 

Two people, who were also injured during the incident, were immediately transported to hospital for further treatment.

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