Ramaphosa is De Klerk’s ‘ice boy’ – Malema

Ramaphosa is De Klerk’s ‘ice boy’ – Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has continued his onslaught on President Cyril Ramaphosa and his administration, accusing the head of state of being a lackey of FW de Klerk.

EFF at press club cpt

Malema addressed the South Africa Press Club in Cape Town on Friday, hours after the State of the Nation Address was brought to a standstill by the red berets calling for the removal of former president FW De Klerk from the House.


On Thursday, the EFF left the National Assembly during Ramaphosa's address after the presiding officers refused to concede to their demands.


On Friday, Malema has accused Ramaphosa of being beholden to the former statesman.

De Klerk recently came under fire after a TV interview aired where he said he did not agree that apartheid was a crime against humanity, despite the declaration by the United Nations.

“He didn’t do it during Mbeki’s era, he didn’t do it during Zuma’s era. Now he’s got his ice boy as a President and he thinks he can undermine us because he controls Cyril,” Malema said.


EFF warns of more disruptions to come as MPs storm out of SONA

Ramaphosa was expected to deliver the annual SONA during the official opening of Parliament, when the National Assembly was disrupted by a number of motions by the EFF. The sitting got off to a rough start when EFF leader Julius Malema raised a point of order, calling for former president FW de Klerk to leave the house.

Malema also accused Ramaphosa of protecting his own interests.


“They’ve (De Klerk and Ramaphosa) got a special relationship. They’ve got whatever files they have on Cyril.


“De Klerk is speaking this way because he can see there is no leadership in this country,” Malema added.

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