SAFA top brass attacks Danny Jordaan rape accuser - questions her story

SAFA top brass attacks Danny Jordaan rape accuser - questions her story

The football governing body harshly criticised former MP and artist Jennifer Ferguson during a briefing on Thursday. Ferguson says Jordaan raped her in Port Elizabeth 24 years ago. 

Danny Jordaan

"Enjoy your Easter eggs," was the closing remark from SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble, after addressing journalists on rape allegations against the body's president Danny Jordaan.


The South African Football Association (SAFA) held the briefing after Jennifer Ferguson laid criminal charges against Jordaan earlier this month.


The briefing was held by Mumble and member of the executive committee Poobalan Govindasamy. 

Govindasamy led the charge.


"There is this allegation... from a woman that did not motivate or press any charges... living in Sweden and not in South Africa, making these stories, one has to ask what is the motive behind that," says Govindasamy.


He not only questioned Ferguson's intentions, but the truthfulness of her allegation as well, saying her "second version is far different from the first version".


Both Govindasamy and Mumble praised their own organisation for the role it has played in developing women's football.


"This is a reminder-and a very friendly reminder," remarked Mumble, "this association has done a lot for women's football."


Ferguson is currently in South Africa and will perform at various venues, while also promoting the #WeToo campaign, focusing on the systemic and silent abuse of women. 

She released a statement shortly after approaching police and formerly laying a charge of rape against Jordaan. 

Ferguson says her initial intent was to settle the matter outside court and offering Jordaan the opportunity to engage with her in a mediation process. 

She says despite the offer, Jordaan chose not to engage with her, instead denying the allegations. 

JacarandaFM previously also spoke to another woman who accused Jordaan of sexually violating her. 

She says years earlier, she ran out of a hotel room, after Jordaan inappropriately touched her and made his intentions clear. 

Govindasamy says "it's business as usual" for Jordaan, adding everyone is "presumed innocent until proven guilty".

Listen below to Govindasamy read out SAFA's statement:

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