Sending the military into Mozambique not a solution, says expert

Sending the military into Mozambique not a solution, says expert

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the leaders of five other Southern African countries will meet in Maputo on Thursday to discuss terrorism in northern Mozambique.



It’s been two weeks since heavily armed militants attacked the northern harbour town of Palma, displacing thousands of people and leading to the evacuation of hundreds of people.


South African Adrian Nel was amongst those killed while trying to flee.


Wits University African politics professor Anthoni van Nieuwkerk says sending in a combined military operation to Mozambique, will not be the solution to curb the terror attacks that have hit the neighbouring country. 

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"It won’t be possible for them to come to a quick conclusion after two days of discussion or find a solution to the problem that will be implemented immediately. 


“I am saying this because our experience with terrorism or violent extremism elsewhere in Africa and elsewhere in the world, shows that a quick military response sending in the army or soldiers to find the terrorists is not an easy response and doesn’t bring the problem to an end.”


The South African Defence Force has been dispatched to Mozambique to evacuate South Africans stranded in the neighbouring country. 


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