Workers' rights remain protected under GNU - says Mokonyane

Workers' rights remain protected under GNU - says Mokonyane

The ANC has moved to reassure workers that labour rights will continue to be protected under a government of national unity.

ANC Deputy secretary-general Nomvula Mokonyane

The assurance was given by ANC Deputy Secretary General Nomvula Mokonyane following concerns raised by the party's alliance partners over the partnership with the DA. 

The South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions have previously rejected the formation of any governing partnership with the DA, saying it will reverse all the gains made over the past 30 years in protecting the working class.

Briefing the media after the first National Assembly and National Council of Provinces sittings, Mokonyane said the alliance partners are finally on board.

She said all issues raised were finally addressed after several meetings and consultations.

"Alliance partners have been taken on board from inception post the elections's outcomes.

"We also had another interaction with the alliance, post the national executive committee meeting, through the secretariat we continue to interact.

At a technical level, they have also been able to make their submissions and concerns.

"What has been an issue previously raised by the alliance, was primarily at a time before we interacted with them.

"But out of the political council of the alliance, everything was understood. For example, the issue about the protection of workers, we assured them that that is legislated, it is within the laws of our country and in the constitution," she said.

Mokonyane said the government of national unity will not touch any laws or policies that impact workers.

"The issues that are related to possible change of policies, it was also appreciated by the alliance that we now are going to have a political council, but in the very understanding of the government of national unity, no party has a singular authority to change the current existing laws.

"One of the things we have agreed on is that beyond the national dialogue, there would also be an interaction with our structures, with the NEC being deployed together with the alliance national leaders, to go and brief our respective structures, where we stand now, the alliance is on board," said Mokonyane.

Meanwhile, in statements released separately on Saturday, both Cosatu and the SACP reaffirmed their support for President Cyril Ramaphosa's re-election.


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