Cat enjoys a relaxing spa day in viral video

Cat enjoys a relaxing spa day in viral video

Have you been longing for a spa day? We're jealous of the relaxing day this cat, Chase, had! 

Cat relaxing breakfast
Source: @DontStopMeowing

A viral clip of a cat and its owner enjoying a relaxing spa day might just be one of the best things online right now.

Cat mom, Fifi Furrha, along with her husband, Kareem Khalil, run the Instagram and TikTok account @DontStopMeowing for their three cats - Skye, Chase, and Millie, who have become internet stars.

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Their videos are popular among TikTok users, especially those of Chase! 

In the spa day TikTok video, which has now been viewed more than 50-million times, Furrha walks in on her husband and Chase having the ultimate relaxation session. 

Soothing music is playing and cucumbers cover their eyes.

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Twitter users said that if the cat is acting, it surely deserves an Oscar! 

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Image credit: @DontStopMeowing on TikTok

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