Defensive driving tips for South Africans

Defensive driving tips for South Africans

Tumi Sole is a Corporate Attorney and founder of #CountryDuty, a social movement founded as a response to empower South Africans to be more action oriented.

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He focuses on how matters affect the country and communities.

Tumi Sole took to Twitter to share this valuable information with his 724,000 followers.

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Sole says he attended a defensive driving course and this is what he learned.

1. Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays are days when ‘orders are placed’.

2. 8% of hijackings occur when approaching/stopping at traffic lights, 5% other intersections, 51% in front of private residences, and 13% at petrol stations in South Africa.

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Tumi Sole says: “Remain calm and don’t make sudden gestures. Avoid eye contact and comply with hijackers instructions. Move away from the car & get children out.”

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Tumi Sole adds: “Check appointment card on front for the following: SAPS at the top , full colour pic of the officer on the left and a star-shaped SAPS emblem in holographic print on the right. The officer’s initials & surname will be in blocked letters at the bottom. 

Lastly, the attorney says: “Check appointment card at the bank for the ff. Force number with eight digits -13 digit ID number, Officer’s rank, date & place of issue and SAPS commissioner signature bottom right."

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