EXCLUSIVE: The 942’s “We Are The Voice” single and music video is out!

EXCLUSIVE: The 942’s “We Are The Voice” single and music video is out!

The day finally arrived! The 942's "We Are The Voice" is out!

THE 942s Coleske Artists
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Starting a band is an intimidating thought. You have no idea how to get the right talent on-board, which genre to choose, and how to make it big. However, from thousands of entries, Breakfast with Martin Bester created the ultimate kids band, The 942’s!

The 942’s recently signed to a major record label in South Africa and we couldn’t be more proud! “I was looking for the coolest and most talented kids band and I think we found them. We are going to release their first single and music video. There’s definitely going to be a tour. It’s going to look a bit different bit we’ll work within the framework and regulations.” Said Martin Bester.  

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South Africa’s youngest rock band is going to reach heights with their music and we cannot wait to see them grow. The band is releasing their debut single, “We are the voice” and music video on the morning of 30 April. 

The song was produced by Ewald Jansen van Rensburg & Paulo Azevedo and the Music Video Producers (Johan C Venter Media House - ETG Media).


The kids band is joining Breakfast with Martin Bester for a special Friday Live.

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