Kudu spotted in Pretoria neighbourhood

Kudu spotted in Pretoria neighbourhood

The wild animals definitely took advantage of the lockdown earlier this year when residents of Silver Lakes spotted a kudu.

Kudu in Silverlakes

Imagine waking up and seeing a large Kudu bull happily strolling around in the road. There are a lot of things we don't have to imagine in 2020 because it actually happened! 

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Since the national lockdown, various wild animals have been spotted in neighbourhoods across South Africa.

One of those neighbourhoods is Silver Lakes Golf and Wildlife Estate. The estate situated in Pretoria epitomises idyllic and peaceful estate living and spectacular views of the lakes and tranquil surroundings.

With a considerable amount of people not roaming the streets, it has made animals more comfortable to explore spaces commonly occupied by humans. 

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Jacaranda FM's Gerda de Sousa, who stays in the area, said the animals sometimes jump over the game reserve's fence.

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The Western Cape also saw less harmful animals in Simon's Town! Penguins took over the streets of Simon's Town, Cape Town a due to less human movement in the town.

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