Local musician romantically asks his girlfriend to marry him

Local musician romantically asks his girlfriend to marry him

South African singer and songwriter, Majozi, asked the big question to his girlfriend, and now fiancé, Daniela.

Majozi engagement
Source: Instagram/Majozi/Shawn Ogulu

It doesn’t have to be the month of love for musicians to show their love!

The singer previously released a song called, 'Falling', which is the first song dedicated to his girlfriend.

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"This song is all about how even if I can’t do anything else to relieve the pain and uncertainty, the one thing I know I can do is always be there for her, and that’s my intention from now until eternity. To consistently always show up," Majozi says.

Majozi put his money where his mouth is and asked Daniela to marry him!

Check out the heart-warming video below.

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We’re happy for the couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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Image credit: Instagram/Majozi

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