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Martin's R100k Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Have you entered Martin's R100k secret sound competition? He has launched a brand new secret sound.

image secret sound what is it?

What would you do with R100,000? 

Well, Martin Bester is giving you the opportunity to pocket the cash in the 'Secret Sound'. 

With so many guesses already sent in through SMS on 37942, none of them have been the correct answer... yet. 

Do you think you know what the new sound below is?

To enter, SMS 'Secret', your name, and what you think it is to 37942. SMSs are charged at R1,50. 

To make it a little easier for you, we thought we would list some of the incorrect guesses. Here are the latest incorrect guesses:

Wednesday, 18 April

Turning the timer knob on the oven to set the time for baking

Putting Christmas decoration balls into a glass vase

Old petrol pump filling up

Putting money in a ticky box

Old court bell

Cannon being loaded

Tuesday, 17 April

Frisbee being thrown, landing on a tiled or cement floor

Blades of a blender coming to an end

Trowel scraping cement and being tapped against the bricks

Throwing petrol in car, tapping it afterwards

Monday, 16 April

Tram train coming to a stop

When you put the bread in the toaster and when it pops up again

Upper drawer of the dishwasher

Play vending machine

Fridge door being closed with the sound of a bottle rattling in the fridge

Glass gem, throwing it in a glass vase

Friday, 13 April

Athletic starting block’s leaver

Rollercoaster busy coming to a stop

Marble rolling down a steel pipe and landing in a steel cup

Cast irons’ lid being put on the fire

Thursday, 12 April

Old pressure cooker valve when releasing its last bit of pressure causing the valve to pop

Silver dustbin with metal pedal

Dental suction pipe

Dropping a toothbrush into a porcelain toothbrush holder

Steel sugar lid getting flipped up and down

Wednesday, 11 April 


Old bicycle bell

Old antique clock which works with gears

Metal turn style

Throwing ice blocks in a glass before the liquid

Rollercoaster notch 

Tuesday, 10 April

A steel door knocker being hit against the backing plate on a front door

Kick starter of a motorbike, starting it unsuccessfully 

Old pinball machine when you move the levers to hit the ball

Taking a puff of a hubbly bubbly, pulling pipe back, tip of pipe hits the glass bottle

Monday, 9 April

Camp kettle with a teaspoon tapping against it

Brushing your teeth, tapping toothbrush against the basin

Grinding with mortar and pestle, tapping it on the side when done 

Throwing boiling water in cup and stirring the cup

Flag flapping, metal sound against the pole

Electric whisk being used and tapping it against a metal bowl

Friday, 6 April

Putting plaster on a wall, scraping the excess plaster off, taping the brick into position

Dragging a cast iron pot across a glass cutting board on a kitchen table then tapping a spoon on the pot's rim three times

Pot with a lid boiling in the stove, lid moving up and down from the steam

Japanese garden water ornament returning to resting position

Tea leave strainer being tapped against the cup

Replacing the lid on a chine tea/coffee pot after you've poured the water

Thursday, 5 April

Porcelain teapot lid being put back on the teapot

Dragging metal dog bowl, putting food in and tapping the bowl three times with a spoon

Old school Parking pay meter

Stainless steel bowl rolling on it's side and landing flat on the floor

Cleaning a toilet, tapping the brush against the toilet

Wednesday, 4 April 

Hammer hitting a chisel against a rock

Sound of a tea ball infuser being put into a tea cup

Hooking door stop

Taking a knife and dragging it along a gate

Tuesday, 3 April

Slurping milkshake and scooping last bit with spoon

When on a golf course and the ball hops into the hole

Espresso coffee machine

Ball on pinball machine rolling back to the trigger

Ice machine

Thursday, 29 March

Getting oats out of a pot and tapping the spoon against the pot three times

Putting water in a coffee’s percolator, water filtrates through, removing the mug from the coffee machine

When you hold an old bell sideways, flick the centerpiece

Tapping an egg on the side of a bowl

Service clock

Two glass bottles tapping/clinking against each other

Wednesday, 28 March

Roulette ball dropping and spinning

French press coffee plunger - Taking out the plunger and shaking it off

A teaspoon tapping against the rim of a cup

The ball inside the Guiness Black beer can

A counter top bell. You pull it closer and you tap it 3 times for attention

When you open a beer that’s in a six pack and the bottles touch or “klink” against each other.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Putting a coin in a vending machine and comes out again rejecting the coin

Preparing to make jelly, pouring hot water into the bowl stirring and tapping the side

Pulling the cord of a lawnmower

Monday, 26 March 2018

Sound of a steel kitchen knife blade sticking to a wooden magnetic knife holder

Ice being dispensed from a fridge ice maker

The ball in an empty spray paint can

Friday, 23 March 2018

Golfball being hit, landing in hole.

Gun ball running down the spiral slope where it can be taken out of the machine

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