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Martin's R100k Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Have you entered Martin's R100k Secret Sound competition yet?

image secret sound what is it?

What would you do with R100,000?

Well, Martin Bester is giving you the opportunity to pocket the cash with the 'Secret Sound'.

With so many guesses already sent in through SMS on 37942, none of them have been the correct answer... yet.

Do you think you know what the sound below is?

To enter, SMS 'Secret', your name, and what you think it is to 37942. SMSs are charged at R1.50. 

To make it a little easier for you, we thought we would list some of the incorrect guesses. Here are the latest incorrect guesses:

Friday, 7 December

drop whisk into pan to scramble eggs


Washing machine


burning COAL on a Webber braai and a peace falls on the tray under the braai coal shrinks when burn it

Thursday, 6 December 

Pulling the silver seal off


Usn tornado

The sound comes from an electronic flint when it is used to light gas appliances like a stove, braai lamp or heater.

Tuesday, 4 December

Press button to open microwave door.


A counter dustbins lit that you put back

Braai and spoon


When you cut cheese on a glass cutting board

Monday, 3 December


Stainless steel bowl’s lid


When you open an OX marmite bottle. The lid makes a popping sound.



The last bit of a metal can break off the cap after opening it with a can opener

Friday, 30 November

No Secret Sound

Thursday, 29 November 

Dog food

screw dropping in magnetic bowl


When opening a Mr Balls Chutney bottle and the lid pop


A drop of water falling into a steel bucket when the roof leaks

Wednesday, 28 November

Ceiling fan being activated by pulling on off switch at the hanging little chain


Tomato sauce opening first, making a pop noise


Water bottle that has the lid that you must pull or push when wanting to drink water

Tuesday, 27 November

Using ‘braai tang’ on gas braai’s frying pan

Opening a vacuum sealed jar


Electric stove oven door closing


Martin Bester' Pool stick. The back of the stick hitting the ground when you release it and it a slide down your hand.


Pressure cookers lid locking when you close it!!!

Friday, 23 November

Pulling the handle of a dishwasher to open the door


Off button of kettle clicking up after boiling


Micro wave with a twist button ending


when you use a coffee machine and you put the glass pot back in its place where the water come out to make the percolated coffee

Thursday, 22 November

A knife and a sword/ machete clanking and hitting together

Tapping Ripleys metal food dish with metal table spoon

Wednesday, 21 November

kitchen tongs being put back on magnetic strip in kitchen


the sound is when you tap a wooden spoon on a kitchen counter


Switching on Russel Hobbs kettle

putting the lid on a metal kettle

Tuesday, 20 November

Lifting the lid of a weber braai.


It is the carry handle on a gas bottle falling down against the side of the gas bottle making the Secret Sound


Placing empty glass on baseplate of microwave


It's that long gas lighters that you use to ignite a fire



Tapping a boiled egg on a glass cutting board

Monday, 19 November

The sound is when you hook in the aluminium curtain rail on the plastic hook


Stainless steel margarine dish putting lid back on after buttering your toast or pro-


Band snapping against an empty tin can



Pressure cooker knob after it let off steam


The sound the can opener makes when you first attach it to the tin when opening. So the sound at first insertion

Friday, 16 November 

Putting a pen down on a desktop


Putting lid on top of weber braai.

The sound a brass or steel water sprinkler makes when the hammer hits the head


Cracking an egg on side of a Nutri bullet.


The plastic lid dropping down on to a glass coffee pot

Thursday, 15 November 

A long electronic Bic lighter igniting



Cutting with a sharp knife through a cucumber on plastic chopping board



Ice bucket being tapped with an ice cube



A cheese cutter cutting through a block of cheese on a steel cutting board

The sound a mayonnaise or tomato sauce bottle vacuum seal makes when opened for the first time

Coffee grinder 

Wednesday, 14 November

Automatic coffee machine clicking on.


you tap a wooden spoon on the edge of a aluminium pan to get rid of excess food when cooking

The sound is of a frozen pea falling into a cooking pot



Putting a baking tray in the oven

The snap sound when you open a can of tin food

Tuesday, 13 November

stainless steel pot that you put on the stove



A heavy coin like a R5 falling as change from a pay station at a mall


punching holes in microwave meal with fork



when a dentist pulls your tooth and puts it into the stainless steel bowl after pulling it


teaspoon dropped in bowl with eggs that have been scrambled 

Monday, 12 November 

Tea spoon placed into a kitchen sink

Hanging metal utensils back on hooks against tile wall


The sound made when a toilet seat is lifted and it touches the lid or cistern.


A hipster hitting a key on a vintage typewriter

When you adjust metal crutches

Friday, 8 November

Closing the lid of a food processor


the sound is the popping of a Christmas cracker


sound of using a coffee plunger the downward movement


Stapler gun shooting stapler


Pulling a radio out clipping it in and out

Wednesday, 7 November

Click and hollow sound a micro wave door makes when u close it


Sound of a newton's cradle, the moment when the steel ball is swinging into the other balls


Tapping with a knife against stainless steel pot filled with water


Clicking sound made by die aircon knob when adjusting the hot or cold temperature/or the speed.


Hooking a plastic curtain hook through the plastic runner on the curtain rail. When curtains are being hung

Tuesday, 6 November

Braai tong

Top of a glass blender when you lock it to the stainless steel bottom by moving it backwards

Handle of galvanized bucket touching the side


Wooden spoon that is dropped on the kitchen floor


It sounds like when someone is shooting an Empty Metal Cap Gun. The ones that children play with, with the red ring

Thursday, 1 November

Potjiekos pot’s handle

Lid of tin bread bin falling closed

Tapping teaspoon on the side of the kitchen zink

The lock pin on the top of a sliding door

Dropping car keys on a granite counter top in the kitchen

Wednesday, 31 October

It is the sound that the ceramic tile makes when it has been cut through with a manual tile cutter.


When you make popcorn on the stove, the first kernel that pops against the lid of the pot


Money falling out of a parking machine when you receive change

Monday, 29 October

Dropping a magnet into a steel plate


As a button is pressed to unlock an electronic gate lock. The sound actually comes from the lock mechanism when operated and not the button


Throw a tightly crumpled A4 paper into an aluminum bin / bucket


When you put your braai in your frying pan


It's a glass bottle that gets clamped

Friday, 26 October

Pulling the garage motor cord to switch to manual

Toaster shooting out bread.


Closing the lid on a pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker


When you put a pan on a stove top. The sound is when the bottom of the pan touches the plate of the stove.

Thursday, 25 October

A can (like coke) before opening. Lift slightly then leave it.


The sound is made by a Judge's gavel when making a ruling in open court.


A piece of chalk falling into a metal holder at a chalkboard


Cracking egg in pan or tapping braai tongs

Wednesday, 24 October

Steel bread lid cover Built-in Gas stove

Secret-Charles-fly swat coming down on a wood service to swat a fly

Spoon falling onto a hard surface


It's when you put a glass cocktail stick into an aluminium glass

Tuesday, 23 October

An aluminium door opening


The closing of a metal pedal dustbin


Putting a lid on a pot.


Motor vehicle engine cooling off

Flatbed toaster lid making sound when cooling off

Monday 22 October


The pulling of the ceiling fan cord to switch it on or off, switching a light on and off.


The trip switch of house that trips and goes off when something makes the power trip


Industrial staple gun


A broom falling over and the broomstick hitting the floor, or a mop doing the same

Friday, 18 October

Opening security gate


Closing a normal door


Dropping dog pellets in a steel bowl

Tapping a spoon against an aluminium top


When you cut something with a knife on a glass cutting board

A teaspoon against a steel pot

Wednesday, 17 October

Car key dropping on a table

Water falling in a steel jug


Pulling back a stapler to load new staples

Decompressing stapler with no document present.


Popping popcorn

A light switch being switched on

Tuesday, 16 October

Metal skewer stick


Dropping a ring into a glass


Hitting 2 drumsticks together


Teacher tapping against black board with ruler


A door clicking closed


Thursday, 11 October

At gearbox shifting from Park to drive


The secret sound is made when you pull the handbrake up



When you turn the knob for your air con fan speed left or right. The secret sound is that knob


Locked car being locked again


Hands free boot opening

Wednesday, 10 October

It is an adjustment of a cup holder in the middle consol. Moving it back and forward


releasing safety belt


The remote control to activate your car's Central Locking


When you adjust your centre consoles length or height.


Adjusting your car seat

Tuesday, 9 October

Wind up the car with the jack


Adjusting headlight height


Car's hand brake, pulled up without holding a button.


Sound of the device being used when pumping tyres at service station


'Torque Wrench' used on a car.

Monday, 8 October

Adjusting the beverage/food tray level at the back of the front seats when you open it on a WV Tiguan


Hazard light switch between the two front seats on an older car.


The rear-view mirror being adjusted, re-adjusted and adjusted


JBL Bluetooth speaker turn on


Turning the knob of car lights on and then quickly turning them off all in one motion

Friday, 5 October

Older model car .. when you start the car the aerial goes out and when the van is switch off when it goes back into its position it makes a sound


Adjusting my bicycle rack at the back of my car



Car aerial but it is not electronic. You have to pull it out and push it back in manually.


Thursday, 4 October

Manually adjusting your front headrest forward on a Mercedez Benz C Class.


Pressing button to reset your km on you dash of the car.


SUV clutch Kupplung sound, when clutch is released fast by foot


When you turn the key in the petrol cap to open to fill up with fuel

Wednesday, 3 October

It is when you unlock the boot with your key


The sound made when the boot opens when you pull up lever next to driver’s seat to open boot lid

Petrol cap is being turned when locked



When you open the bonnet by pulling the lever from under the dash. 

Tuesday, 2 October

The sound is when your cars battery is flat and you try to start your car then it makes that clicking sound


You are adjusting your sun visor by clicking it out and moving it towards your side window

When you insert a new CD in the CD shuttle in the car and it shuffles the CDs

The sound is pulling the knob out to use the choke on your car, usually when car not starting, or sputtering.


Friday, 28 September 

Turning the light switch of a car to on and pulling the button out to turn the mist lights on

When you tramp the hand brake on an automatic transmission vehicle

Pulling the safety belt panel up to the top in full without pushing the button to adjust it. Like forcing it up, it makes clicking sounds

Thursday, 27 September

The secret sound is from the clutch pedal, when u just (step it and release it )kind like flap it

Pushing down tapping the petrol pedal three times

Opening a cupholder on the dash of a car

Wednesday, 26 September 

Switching the roof light on the car from door open to on quickly

Opening the cubbyhole of an older model car

Tuesday, 25 September

Turn the key in the ignition to unlock the locked steering wheel in an older car


Releasing lock on a convertible cars roof


CD shuffling device inside the glove box in older luxury cars, busy changing CD currently playing

Friday, 21 September 

open and close of glovebox in car


when you play a game if solitaire when it deals out the cards it makes that sound


Finger sliding over air vent fins inside a car

Thursday, 20 September

Light switch of car


Convertible car soft roof opening or closing


when you unlock the boot with the key


Choke on older carburettor cars

Wednesday, 19 September 

adjusting wiper stork from off to full position


steering column height been set latch is opened column shifted latch closed


Adjusting the height on wheel jack while jacking your car up


It is when you pull the lever underneath your dash board to open your bonnet of the car

Tuesday, 18 September 

locking the roof of a convertible Daihatsu Copen car after its closed



Merc C Class. Dim to bright switch on the right side next to steering wheel



central locking when you unlock it you have to press the remote twice. Renault Sandero 2011 model.



When you close your fuel cap and it locks while turning.

Monday, 17 September 

shifting automatic gears on old model car where the gear shift was next to steering wheel and gear indicator above steering wheel.


Roof light inside your car, switching it from off to on


Car seat headrest adjusted by pushing it downwards

Car radio antenna 

Friday, 14 September

Opening your car by hand from the inside



Car key turning in the ignition of the car before starting the car


Putting cassette in car radio


The vents system in a car being adjusted to redirect through another vent

Thursday, 13 September 

A car’s break


Putting your hazards on and off to say thank you on the road.


A hand brake of an old bakkie, the one that you pull from the dashboard


Loosening the wheel nut when changing the tyre


. Tyre hitting a cat’s eye

Wednesday, 12 September

Seat leaver of a car



It is an old cars manual window winder that is slipping on the gear when you want to open or close the window


device to lock and unlock car from inside

electric mirror stuck.

I'm going to sew a sunroof open and close in Oldham type lever manually


It’s the sound of the automatic Mercedes ML brake pedal when you stop to park the vehicle.

Tuesday, 11 September

Cool drink holder opening and closing

Pressing the button on an automatic transmission gear selector lever to select a gear. William Smith


Automatic gearbox vehicle shifting from park to reverse to neutral and then into drive


A thermostat of an aircon going on and off


pulling up a cars hand brake without pushing in the knob

Monday, 10 September


Shift bar for hot cold air from engine to circulate air in car

The sound your electronic boot makes when you open it by pressing the button on your remove to open the boot


Button is pushed to slide window open or closed


Kiddy lock in an older model vehicle


Ressetting the "trip" meter to 000 in a car

Friday, 7 September 

When u lock or unlock the older vehicles with the key.


Exercise bike's knob turning to adjust strength and speed.


Lifting of wipers


The sound your electronic boot makes when you open it manually


Thursday, 6 September

CD disc ejecting from the player in a car

Adding machine

Blinds in the window of an old BMW

Wednesday. 5 September

Windscreen wipers


Recirculation selector controlling air inside the car


It is a car trying to start with a flat battery and the solenoid on the starter makes the noise


Turning back the kilo counter on dashboard


Tuesday, 4 September

Sound is flickering hazard lights just before vehicle cuts out!


It's the petrol tank cap being closed after putting in fuel


Adjusting the height of the safety belt


Cigarette button pressed and jumping out

Monday, 3 September

Fog lights and lights being switched on


Adjusting the speed control box on the wall


Steering lock

Heater vent from cold to warm on an old car

Changing CD in car using CD shuttle loader

Thursday, 30 August

Indicator arm- flicking your lights at another driver

Sound of an ATM when depositing notes 

Wednesday, 29 August

Lifting the adjusting handle on the car seat and adjusting the seat then releasing the handle again.

Loading a tape in a tape deck.

A bearing knock in a petrol engine.

Vent of the aircon makes when we switch it up and down.

Closing the ashtray on the console of a car.

Person trying to start car with a flat battery.

Tuesday, 28 August

Shifting your gear lever of trip tronic automatic GB of vehicle.

Turning the knob to switch on the car lights.

Pressing a button on calculator three times.

The sound of a car phone cradle closing.

Pulling the safety pin out of the fire extinguisher.

Monday, 27 August

Putting the car radio 'face' on.

Car fan vent duct direction dial, when you turn it, it makes that sound.

Bonnet leaver in car.

Silver button on handbrake in car presses twice.

Friday, 24 August

Car seat headrest being adjusted by pulling it upwards


Switching on head lights of a vehicle



When at the back in your car and you turn the roof light button on and off


Flipping open a cars sun visor


Locking car with central locking while hold the door handle in open position

Thursday, 23 August


Plugging in your aux cable in the car to your cell phone


The secret sound is a fan adjusting it 


When you straighten the steering wheel after going around a corner and the indicator lever jump back into position


Wednesday, 22 August

Putting key in and turning the key to start the car


Opening centre console armrest in a car


Closing the door of a microwave oven


Release the clutch of an SUV


Fitting a charger into a lighter socket 

Tuesday, 21 August


Shifting gears from normal driving to 4X4 gear locking in


Turning the temperature down in your car from hot to cold because it's almost summer!


Pulling the safety belt and clipping it into the slot.


It is when a automatic car releases the automatic brake when you pull away on a hill



Automatic car changing gears

Thursday, 16 August

Handbrake of a car being pulled up



Adjusting the Blinds by a window


When your cars battery is flat and you are trying to start it

Wednesday, 15 August

Turning the fan/air-conditioning speed in your car up or down.


Paper being punched for filing


A rotating business card spindle


Tuesday, 14 August

A mouse for a computer or laptop clicking twice on a on something to.


Self-inking stamp that makes the sound when you push down the stamp

The letters changing at the airport

Monday, 13 August

The sound is when you release your safety belt and rolls up and the latch knocks against the panel of the car


Adjusting the knob on a dishwasher to change the cycle from an intense wash to a prewash


Sewing machine as it sews


Note counting machine


Changing settings on a fan

Friday, 10 August

Turning the knob on the stove three times to put it on


DJ scratch table or a DJ program on a computer


It’s a changing and multi sided advertising bulletin billboard, in the process of changing from one advertisement to another

Wednesday, 8 August

Gecko sound at night

CD spinning in a CD player

Switching off JBL speaker box.

Adjusting an upstanding fan head downwards or upwards with your hands

Tuesday, 7 August

The secret sound comes from a Retro Typewriter.


Hitting ctrl, alt delete button on a computer keyboard.



Zipper of a jacket going up and down really fast.


Monday, 6 August

Adjusting a car seat. Pulling the lever and moving the car seat forward or backwards.

Friday, 3 August

Double click your space bar on you computer


Car Central Locking


Turning the plastic knob to adjust the blowing speed of a fan


It is a cycling bike shifting gears


Lowering wooden blinds

Thursday, 2 August

Solitaire cards make when playing on your cellphone when you place it on top of one another

Lid of dustbin


Double click of a computer mouse


When you pout and kiss very fast three times at once

Wednesday, 1 August (new sound) 

Shopping trolly moving over tiles

Monday, 30 July

Stainless steal straw 


Paper straw through a closed empty Mason jar, when u pull it up and leave it to fall back inside


Old telephone that you turn the dailer to call someone


Putting ice into a jar


Jam jar with metal straw straw being dropped hitting ice blocks inside the jar .

Friday, 27 July

Marble rolling falling into glass jar


Two onsol bottles bumping against each other. I drove with 2 bottles on the highway..... Petro


Soda Stream bottles next to one another making clicking sound

Thursday, 26 July

Straw being pulled from a Consol jar, then the jar is rocking from side to side

When u finished eating cereal and u put the metal spoon back into the ceramic bowl.

A glass jar with a glass straw being pulled out of the middle section and then being tapped on the side before washing.

Glass jar empty after eating contents. Tapped with a long metal teaspoon.

Wednesday, 25 July

Confruit Bottle with a bit ice and straw - drinking the last bit in the bottle, shaking it.


Consol jar with a straw unscrew the lid and tap the straw on the side


When you drag a metal/steel object over rough floor and down steps.


Empty mason jar pushed over a rough wooden bar top then long bar spoon tapped on the side of the mason jar.


Glass jar dragged closer on table, picked up and then metal straw taken with other hand and hits against inside of jar

Tuesday, 24 July

Reusable aluminium ice cube falling into a consol container and coming to a stop


Pulling a thick plastic straw out of a Masson jar and tapping it on the jar.


Pulling a bamboo straw through the hole of a consol jar lid and tapping it on the edge of the jar


Tea spoon banging against a tea cup, with hot water pouring.


Smoothie maker

Monday, 23 July

Reusable aluminium ice cube falling into a consol container and coming to a stop


Pulling a thick plastic straw out of a Masson jar and tapping it on the jar.


Pulling a bamboo straw through the hole of a consol jar lid and tapping it on the edge of the jar


Tea spoon banging against a tea cup, with hot water pouring.


Smoothie maker

Friday, 20 July

Travel mug with stainless steel straw


Placing a glass drinking jar with wire handle onto a hard surface.


Glass jar with and a rubber sealed ribbed metal straw getting pushed inside the empty jar and straw tapping the side and bottom.


glass console storage bottle been opened and immediately dropping a endearment or mint imperial sweet inside


mason jar / gym mug with a steel straw. In the jar is ice tea. U insert the straw and then stir the contents


Consol glass with a bamboo straw drinking ice coffee

Thursday, 19 July

Wine bottle opener single leaver ejecting a cork in to an empty wine bucket


Stainless steel straw pulling it from a drinking cups plastic lid and tapping it on the kitchen granite top


Guitar being plugged into a speaker


Glass Consol led lamp with the lid screwed on and the wire handle tapping on the side



A plastic shooter glass rolling down a glass tumbler after it has been drunk.

Wednesday, 18 July

Drinking from a take away cup through a straw and the straw makes a slurp sound. Followed by the ice moving in the cup


The sound is that of closing a cookie jar. First sound when you put the lid on and then turning the lid in closed position.


It is a consol glass jar with the ingredients of a cocktail like being mixed with a muddler then tapped on the side of the jar


Wine opener arms being lifted and realised.


Putting a Sip Lid on a Take Away Coffee Cup

Tuesday, 17 July

Swizzle stick and ice


Old style storage jar with a wire clamp style lid. The sound is the wire hitting the side when the jar as you release the wire latch


Pool or Snooker ball potted, running through coin operated table mechanism rattling against the rack


Handles on ice bucket swinging​

Monday, 16 July 

Pulling a copper straw out a lid of a consol jar and dropping on glass surface


Ice thrown in a glass blender, spoon tapping on the side



An ice coffee in mason jar


Blowing with straw into stainless steel jar to froth the content


Two wine glasses tapping against each other 

Friday, 13 July

Dropped into empty glass piggybank.


Drinking last bit of milkshake with metal straw.

Metal ice crushes crushing ice then drop in glass with metal swivel stick

Thursday, 12 July

Metal straw been inserted through the lid of jam jar type cocktail glass.


Scooping coffee with a spoon and tapping it on the side of a glass container


New vintage milkshake maker. A milkshake metal cup being connected to the milkshake maker. As it connects on the bracket to hold the cup.


Opening a jar/bottle of honey and then tapping the honey spoon on the side of the jar to get the excess honey.


Mobile activated access and time management control box.


Stainless steel vacuum bottle with swing cap

Wednesday, 11 July

Vintage milkshake maker. A milkshake metal cup being connected to the milkshake maker. As it connects on the bracket to hold the cup.



It's a vintage aluminium hand juicer. The sound comes from the scraping on the inside and the top handle when you close it.


Microwave glass plate turning in microwave and door opening


Dropping a stainless steel straw through the lid hole in to a can fruit drinking mug

Tuesday, 10 July 

Practicing putting and playing a golf ball into a glass


knife being placed on magnetic knife block/holder


Hip Flask


Adjusting height on car axle stand

Manual old fashion meat or cookie dough grinder

Monday, 9 July

Automatic paper cash counter.


ATM deposit machine counting money


A rotary mechanism for an old dial up phone

Friday, 6 July

Coin been placed in n slot type machine


Putting a coin into a parking meter


Electronic money counter


Electric pencil sharpener

Wednesday, 4 July

Jam jar being opened, throwing a cocktail in, tapping the lid three times

Martini shaker

Glass flask with a screw-on lid

Consol solar jar

Electric mixer being tapped on a bowl 

Tuesday, 3 July

Water dispenser

Milk jug


 Sliding a steel straw into a Jacobs glass coffee bottle


Wooden honey dipper dropped in a glass

 Old mixer 

Monday, 2 July

Two milk bottles in an old fridge

Popcorn being popped

Old fashioned food mill

Drinking milkshake out of a tin glass with a bamboo straw

Friday, 29 June

Removing an old milk container’s lid


Flipping the magnetic switch of a Consol solar jar


Floor polisher


Granite bucket

Thursday, 28 June

Stick blender


shaping cast steel using an anvil and hammer


Glass jar with steel lid-unscrewing the lid and hitting top part of jar.


Old coffee bean grinder

Soup ladle in bowl

Wednesday, 27 June

Vinyl turntable record player


Dissolving honey stick being stirred in a cup and tapped.


Stove top coffee percolator


Jukebox loading a new CD


Sound made by a slinky


Old gramophone handle that let the staggered records go down

Tuesday, 26 June

A spoon tapping on a cup’s side

Spooning sugar out of the sugar bowl and tapping the steel Sugar spoon on the edge of the sugar bowl to shake off excess sugar.

Loosening the microphone from it's stand and dropping it down. 

Floorwiz mop and bucket

Mountain bike cog leaver 

A metal trowel scraping off excess cement and then using the trowel to tap the brick into place 3 times

Monday, 25 June

Glass lid, hopping against glass jar 

Glass jar on a bathroom basin

Boiled egg rolling in a container

Friday, 22 June

Putting glass against fridge that makes ice

Tapping spoon against glass bottle

Porcelain beer cup with steel lid

Thursday, 21 June

Big cappuccino machine frothing the milk

Scooping instant coffee out of a coffee cans

Ceramic cup and saucer

Lid of a honey pot, honey stick against the jar

Throwing coffee in a mug, stirring with spoon

Dropping a pencil in a glass Concol jar

Wednesday, 20 June

Pouring cold drink into a glass, tapping the side of the class with a copper straw

Stainless steel kettle with a anti spill cap

Coffee plunger being pressed down

Tuesday, 19 June

Scissor cutting through paper

Getting the last bit off milkshake off a stainless steel straw

Stainless steel cup with stainless steel straw bouncing from side to side

Glass with long spoon, being dragged over a rough surface

Throwing stainless steel spoon in a stainless steel basin

Playing Coinage

Monday, 18 June

A glass that falls over on a marble kitchen top, making that sound as it comes to a stop


Marble rolling in sink and stopping in the waste outlet


Secret message alert tone on Samsung 8

Friday, 15 June

Self-closing metal ashtray, you push a lever and the bottom opens up so the ash can fall in


Drinking with a glass straw out of a steel cup tapping on the cup with the straw


Metal salt pot, knocking against a plate to loosen the salt


Photocopy machine


Dragging suitcase on wheels. Picking it up and going through turnstile gate



Foldable table

Thursday, 14 June

Old Metal Windup Alarm Clock


A breadbin


Glass straw rolling on a surface and fall from the surface hitting the floor


If you in a restaurant and you place an order. If the food is ready, they place it on the counter and ring the bell.


Coin going into a glass piggy bank

An old typewriter where typing and the pulling the lever

Wednesday, 13 June

A toothbrush dropped in a stainless steel container


Stainless steel straw in glass drinking milkshake


A hammer hitting a nail


An oven timer


A jingle that plays between programs on the food network on DStv


Mason jar with a clip lid, when you lift the lever to release the clip, the clip then falls back down knocking the jar three times

Tuesday, 12 June

Putting items in a tin cup and stirring with a copper straw


Wine glasses being packed on a hanging rack. When comes to a stop knocks together


Throwing change in car ashtray


Dumbbells put on a bench bar in the gym



A microwave plastic food cover falling on a wooden floor


Plastic ball in a glass beaker in a science lab

Monday. 11 June

Drinking with metal straw out of glass


Lid taken off steel coffee flask


Metal pedal dustbin opening up


It's a go car not starting


Butler door bell


Slurping bubble tea with a stainless steel straw


Water dripping in a steel kitchen basin when the tap is slightly opened or closed

Friday, 8 June

A kettle that is warmed on a stove with a flexible nozzle cover


First sound tramping the paddle second sound when paddle is released


Ball bearing dropping into steel pot or steel cup


Sipping a beverage with a copper straw


A milkshake or smoothie machine using that big stainless steel glasses


Kitchen sink drain cover Being removed after draining water

Thursday, 7 June

The game mouse trap when the ball run the last bit and then fall I to the last container

Motorized light filtering cellular skylight shades

First part: Opening the lid of a tin canister. Second part: The tin/metal lid falls on the counter.

Steel cup water being poured in from tap and then you tap it against the tap

Petrol pump nozzle pulled from tank and the little flap in the tack slamming shut

Metal straw being used a d tapped against glass afterwards.

Wednesday, 6 June

Metal object sliding over the edge of a tin cup, tapping it three times

Rubber ball bouncing on a table

Taking a scissor or comb out of the glass jar at the hairdresser 

Tapping a nail with a hammer three times

Tuesday, 5 June

Putting items in a tin cup and stirring them with a pen.


Ring being thrown into a stainless steel cup


A ball bearing dropping into a steel pot or a steel cup.


Beer pong – bouncing the ball into the plastic cup, it runs around the rim and drops into the cup


The warning sign when the car headlights have been left on


Putting a R5 into one of the machines at the kids play area for a ride

Monday, 4 June

Dropping pen or pencil into a glass or tin holder on desk making bouncing sound

The routing spray arm of dishwasher hitting against dishes that’s packed incorrectly

Pulling chair out and sitting down

Golf ball put into aluminium coffee mug

The Duracell rabbit beating his drum

A cell phone receiving a message and vibrating

Thursday, 31 May

Stepping on the foot panel of a dustbin to open it and the lid makes the three ticks


A sound of a bell when you press it at a hotel or at the reception


The security chain of a door as you slide it out and let go of it


A spoon sliding on a saucer after stirring your coffee or tea

R5 coin falling out your hand, rolling on the tiled floor then falls flat


Rolling money

Wednesday, 30 May

A key holder that cuts when you open or close a drawer



A toy train on a track coming to the end and stopping


A tablet being thrown into an empty glass



A salad dry spinner put lettuce in and spin when it stops makes sound .


Zipping up or down of a jacket and when you let go of the metal piece it makes the last sound


Beaded milk doily beads clinging against milk jug

Tuesday, 29 May


Lifting a tea diffuser out of a porcelain teapot


A spoon or a R5 coin tapping on a granite top


It's a game that involves two dices. First rolled then when it drops it makes that sound


I think it is marbles that are released and cling together


The sound of a pulley and then a bell ringing three times to tell you something is ready


Two beer glass mugs pulled off table and bumping against one another

Monday, 28 May

When drinking out of a glass or tin with a straw and come to last bit, making a sucking noise

Taking two or three ice cubes from an ice bucket and dropping it into an empty glass with a pair of tongs


Pressing the button on a steel kettle and the lid flips up


Tapping your finger nails against a coffee or tea mug handle


it is a marble rolling towards a glass 


Water poured into a cup with tea spoon 

Friday, 25 May

Easing and locking of a sail line with a self-tailing winch on a yacht or sail boat.


Sliding a ring on a empty metal travel mug and tapping it on the outside. Hilton


Tea pot or boiling potatoes on stove with steam pushing lid


A teaspoon scooping something from a glass jar and being tapped against the side.


Opening a round zam buck container and putting the lid down on a counter/table


Self stirring mug

Thursday, 24 May

Taking coffee to work in a travel mug and turn the lid off before drinking it


Pouring the last bit of beer into a glass, tapping it twice on the glass to empty foam and then putting the glass on counter


A potjie pot being dragged on the floor outside and wobbling until it rests


Kitchen basin draining and a utensil hitting the base of the basin as the drain empties


A fixed basin or bath plug being closed or opened


Coin in a tin

Wednesday, 23 May

Takeaway coffee lid being pressed closed

Tea infuser

 Metal wine bottle sealer 

Lifting a latch and opening a window

Vaping cigarette 

Tuesday, 22 May

An automatic sliding glass door opening and closing



Scraping the last bit of smoothie out of the blender then tapping the spoon against the glass



Closing a drawer that has an ornamental handle on that clinks at the end


Plastic ice cube being dropped into glass

Steel cup boiling milk

Monday, 21 May

Glass ashtray placed on a wooden surface

Opening a bottle of pickles or jam

Office chair rolling on tile floor and you sit on the chair

Person taking a shot of alcohol

Egg rolling around in pot

 After mixing a martini you pour it into a glass and tapping the mixer on the glass rim to get the last drops out

Friday, 18 May

Swimming pool's timer 

Proteinshake bottle

Coal Stove

After putting fuel in a burner

Thursday, 17 May

Dog bowl 

Cheese cutting board and knife

Teaspoon sliding down side off empty glass and bouncing three times

Hoop rings curtains sliding on rail

Cocktail shaker. The sound that it makes when pouring mixture after shaking into a glass

Wednesday, 16 May

Aluminium blinds being opened and the rod hitting the window

Opening canned fruit, metal ring falling on marble counter top 

Grolsch lid flicked off and hitting the side of the bottle

Sound of the cork after cork has been removed and the ‘arms’ to the side

Taking the cover of the back of the toilet and putting it back on

The closing of a German beer mug with metal flip lid being closed

Tuesday, 15 May

An oven baking timer when it stops

Putting an old thermometer in a glass container

Glass bottle rolling on pavement

Marble rolling in drain

Tapping finger underneath a can

Opening a bottle with a bottle opener

Monday, 14 May

Bowling ball rolling down a bowling lane and touching a glass with a spoon

Blacksmith dragging steel, putting it on the anvil and tapping it with a hammer

Mixing ingredients with a manual whisk and tapping it against the bowl

Slurping the last bit of milkshake and tapping teaspoon on glass

Tapping toothbrush against glass 

Friday,  11 May

Microwave board slipping into place

Throwing a marble in an empty kettle

Wedding ring falling in trash disposer while it's on

Tapping a razor on the side of a basin

Walking through a turnstile

Rubber ball coming out of a machine, bouncing three times 

Thursday, 10 May

Empty plastic cold drink bottle, rolling across a table surface, tapping the opening of the bottle against the glass three times

Electric biltong slicer

Cappuccino machine making froth 

Baking a cake, getting rid of the mixture on the spoon by tapping on the glass bowl

Model train railroad crossing bell sound effect  

Tuesday, 8 May

Putting hand in cookie jar, stretching around for a cookie, tapping on the side to get crumbs off

Moving a dog bowl closer, putting food in it and tapping spoon on the side

Throttle setting on a big ship

Collect change from a parking meter

Removing comb from a disinfectant at the barber at tapping it on the holder

Removing toilet roll from Stainless steel holder

Monday, 7 May

Bird eating food and cleaning his mouth against the bucket 

Chainsaw struggling to start

Filling up car with petrol, tapping the nozzle against the car

Paperpunch being squeezed 

Friday, 4 May

Hitting the top part of the coffee plunger

Switching on a blue tooth speaker, connecting to the device

Tone coming through on a smartphone when getting an instant message

Scooping coffee from a coffee tin, tapping the spoon three times

Wheat eater starting

Grating lemon or orange over a ceramic bowl, tapping the bowl

Thursday, 3 May

Switching on a florescent light 

Coco pan arriving at the end of a line

Shaving at ceramic basin, pulling the plug and knocking the razor against the basin 

Taking wine glass out of dishwasher and hitting the other glasses on the wine rack

Train approaching train crossing

Wooden spoon being used to scrape food, tapping on a bucket thereafter

Wednesday, 2 May

Drinking a shot and tapping the shot glass on the counter three times

Door opening at the Gautrain terminal

Warming iron and forming it into a shape thereafter 

Ice dropping into ice dispenser 

Drumming on kitchenware with drumsticks 

Trying to start generator with a rope and it doesn't start 

Thursday, 26 April

Starting up a microphone before you use it

Hanging part of a handle hitting on the back plate as you open or close a drawer

Washing machine coming to the end of a cycle 

Scraping the last bit of food out of the dog food tin and tapping a spoon against metal bowl

Microsoft Office paperclip assistant 

Wednesday, 25 April

Opening a jar with a screw off lid dropping on a counter

Cup being pushed, stops and falls over, bouncing 3 times to a stop

Spinning coin

Tuesday, 24 April

Ball rolling on a roulette table coming to a stop

Coffee mugs

Drawing cash at an ATM and the money gets released from the cash slot.

Taking a pen and softly hitting the glass

Washing dishes and leaving water running into the basin and dropping silverware onto a dish 

Office chair with wheels being pulled back, hopping on it three times

Monday, 23 April

Mechanical cigarette butt dispenser 

Lever arch file

Emptying of a dish wash basin then tapping the plug on ceramic plug holder

The sound money being dropped in drop safe

Mail slot in wooden house front door

Putting dumbbell back on its hanging pole

Friday, 20 April

Grinding coffee beans with ceramic stone grinder then tapping the grinder to loosen coffee

Tapping ice-cream scoop on a glass bowl to remove ice -cream from the scoop

Steel soup spoon, knocking against a tile

Pushing a crate of glasses

 Thursday, 19 April

Marble sliding in an empty pray can

Water running into basin after brushing your teeth and tapping toothbrush against the basin

Pulling toilet paper hanging on a metal bracket

Pressure cooker releasing steam

Dropping an effervescent pill out of its plastic container into a glass causing pill to bounce

Pool table coin then the ball being released

Wednesday, 18 April

Turning the timer knob on the oven to set the time for baking

Putting Christmas decoration balls into a glass vase

Old petrol pump filling up

Putting money in a ticky box

Old court bell

Cannon being loaded

Tuesday, 17 April

Frisbee being thrown, landing on a tiled or cement floor

Blades of a blender coming to an end

Trowel scraping cement and being tapped against the bricks

Throwing petrol in car, tapping it afterwards

Monday, 16 April

Tram train coming to a stop

When you put the bread in the toaster and when it pops up again

Upper drawer of the dishwasher

Play vending machine

Fridge door being closed with the sound of a bottle rattling in the fridge

Glass gem, throwing it in a glass vase

Friday, 13 April

Athletic starting block’s leaver

Rollercoaster busy coming to a stop

Marble rolling down a steel pipe and landing in a steel cup

Cast irons’ lid being put on the fire

Thursday, 12 April

Old pressure cooker valve when releasing its last bit of pressure causing the valve to pop

Silver dustbin with metal pedal

Dental suction pipe

Dropping a toothbrush into a porcelain toothbrush holder

Steel sugar lid getting flipped up and down

Wednesday, 11 April 


Old bicycle bell

Old antique clock which works with gears

Metal turn style

Throwing ice blocks in a glass before the liquid

Rollercoaster notch 

Tuesday, 10 April

A steel door knocker being hit against the backing plate on a front door

Kick starter of a motorbike, starting it unsuccessfully 

Old pinball machine when you move the levers to hit the ball

Taking a puff of a hubbly bubbly, pulling pipe back, tip of pipe hits the glass bottle

Monday, 9 April

Camp kettle with a teaspoon tapping against it

Brushing your teeth, tapping toothbrush against the basin

Grinding with mortar and pestle, tapping it on the side when done 

Throwing boiling water in cup and stirring the cup

Flag flapping, metal sound against the pole

Electric whisk being used and tapping it against a metal bowl

Friday, 6 April

Putting plaster on a wall, scraping the excess plaster off, taping the brick into position

Dragging a cast iron pot across a glass cutting board on a kitchen table then tapping a spoon on the pot's rim three times

Pot with a lid boiling in the stove, lid moving up and down from the steam

Japanese garden water ornament returning to resting position

Tea leave strainer being tapped against the cup

Replacing the lid on a chine tea/coffee pot after you've poured the water

Thursday, 5 April

Porcelain teapot lid being put back on the teapot

Dragging metal dog bowl, putting food in and tapping the bowl three times with a spoon

Old school Parking pay meter

Stainless steel bowl rolling on it's side and landing flat on the floor

Cleaning a toilet, tapping the brush against the toilet

Wednesday, 4 April 

Hammer hitting a chisel against a rock

Sound of a tea ball infuser being put into a tea cup

Hooking door stop

Taking a knife and dragging it along a gate

Tuesday, 3 April

Slurping milkshake and scooping last bit with spoon

When on a golf course and the ball hops into the hole

Espresso coffee machine

Ball on pinball machine rolling back to the trigger

Ice machine

Thursday, 29 March

Getting oats out of a pot and tapping the spoon against the pot three times

Putting water in a coffee’s percolator, water filtrates through, removing the mug from the coffee machine

When you hold an old bell sideways, flick the centerpiece

Tapping an egg on the side of a bowl

Service clock

Two glass bottles tapping/clinking against each other

Wednesday, 28 March

Roulette ball dropping and spinning

French press coffee plunger - Taking out the plunger and shaking it off

A teaspoon tapping against the rim of a cup

The ball inside the Guiness Black beer can

A counter top bell. You pull it closer and you tap it 3 times for attention

When you open a beer that’s in a six pack and the bottles touch or “klink” against each other.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Putting a coin in a vending machine and comes out again rejecting the coin

Preparing to make jelly, pouring hot water into the bowl stirring and tapping the side

Pulling the cord of a lawnmower

Monday, 26 March 2018

Sound of a steel kitchen knife blade sticking to a wooden magnetic knife holder

Ice being dispensed from a fridge ice maker

The ball in an empty spray paint can

Friday, 23 March 2018

Golfball being hit, landing in hole.

Gun ball running down the spiral slope where it can be taken out of the machine

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