Martin Bester’s R50,000 Secret Sound clues

Martin Bester’s R50,000 Secret Sound clues

Do you need a financial break in 2021? Breakfast with Martin Bester is giving you another chance to win the cash with the All New Secret Sound!

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Albert einstein chalkboard
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Martin Bester revealed there will be more chances for people to win!

Could you do with an extra 50K in your pocket? 

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Martin Bester played the new R50,000 Secret Sound for the first time on 18 January 2021! 

Martin Bester released hot clues to get you closer to the money - and it will definitely help you. 

Once you think you have the answer, SMS “Secret, your name and surname” to 37942. 

Before entering Martin's Secret Sound competition, make sure you read the Ts & Cs.

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