Onlookers rescue Pretoria man from burning car

Onlookers rescue Pretoria man from burning car

A Pretoria man found himself in a dangerous predicament when his car caught alight.

burning car
Source: Pixabay

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Jaco Viljoen on Monday morning, a few days after his ordeal. 

A shaken Viljoen explained to Martin Bester that the incident happened on Saturday, 22 August. Viljoen was on his way to Brits from Pretoria when he heard cars hooting at him, but he could not understand why. 

After a few kilometers, he decided to stop at the filling station but then realised that his car's brakes did not want to work, while the steering wheel could not turn. 

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Viljoen said: "One of my friends was in the car and the door would not open. The seconds and minutes felt like hours. I was wondering if I will see my friends and family again. I know thank you is never going to be enough but I just want to thank those people because they saved my life."

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