Suzelle DIY and Marianne fool South Africans
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Suzelle DIY and Marianne fool South Africans

Suzelle DIY was keen to have some fun with all of us this past April Fool's Day.


Suzelle DIY has been entertaining us with her wit, charm, and DIY tips and tricks since 2014.

She taught us how to make the famous ‘braai pie’ – with the video being watched more than a million times on YouTube, and how to make a banana and salted caramel popcorn smoothie with Michelin star chef Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen.

Suzelle DIY is loved by many and Marianne, her sidekick, has crept into our hearts even though she’s barely uttered a word in close to four years!

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This weekend, Suzelle DIY proved to be her own funny self once again and launched a video called 'Marianne Speaks'. But not everything is as it seems...

Did you fall for the April Fool’s joke?

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