What are the rules of a ‘modern wedding’ in 2021?

What are the rules of a ‘modern wedding’ in 2021?

I do… and I don’t! 

Marry me

‘Rules’ at a wedding are ever changing and it differs from couple to couple.

However, there are a few rules we can all agree on!

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The days of us going to an aunt’s wedding is much different to modern day weddings. What do you think should be the do's and don'ts at a wedding in 2021? 

Modern wedding etiquette do’s

  1. Do tell those closest to you that you’re getting married before tweeting about it
  2. Do invite those you absolutely want at your wedding to make it intimate and special
  3. It is fun and exciting choosing a social media hashtag for your wedding

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Can you add to the don’ts? 

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