VIDEO: Mysterious figure seen on roof of stadium during Taylor Swift concert

VIDEO: Mysterious figure seen on roof of stadium during Taylor Swift concert

Never in your 'Wildest Dreams' have you seen something like this!

Led by Taylor Swift's $1 bn tour, 2023 concerts set new record

The multi-award-winning superstar Taylor Swift has embarked on one of the biggest tours the world has ever seen.

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The Eras Tour is an accumulation of all of Swift's albums wrapped up in a three-hour show.

Her performances on this tour have been the talk of the town since it kicked off and has made many headlines.

Now she's on her European leg of the tour and most recently took the stage in Madrid.

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She puts on quite the show, so it's almost impossible not to look at the stage as Swift sings her heart out.

One attendee managed to take their eyes off the performer for a short time and captured something truly bizarre!

In a video on social media, a figure can be seen dancing on what can almost be considered the roof of the stadium:

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People have commented on the video saying what most of us must be thinking:

Others have shared their hilarious, and possibly accurate, theories as to who it might be:

One user managed to clear up some confusion with a very simple answer:

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